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By STARDANO | Stardano | 27 Feb 2024

"Uphold" can refer to two things:

  1. Verb: In general English, "uphold" means to support, maintain, or defend something, often against opposition or challenge. It can also imply providing moral or emotional support.

  2. A Financial platform: Uphold is also the name of a cloud-based financial service platform. It allows individuals to buy, sell, hold, and transfer various assets, including:

    • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Cardano ADA.
    • Traditional assets like fiat currencies (e.g., USD, EUR), precious metals (e.g., gold, silver), and certain equities (stocks).

Uphold emphasizes reducing transaction fees and maintaining transparency. It's important to note that while Uphold allows trading various assets, it's not a traditional bank. They offer some banking-like features like debit cards, but they don't offer FDIC insurance.

OK so it was the financial platform I wanted to write about

Uphold is a really great way to buy crypto or convert crypto to fiat. They offer a debit card too. The Debit card offers XRP cashback too. 

I first found out about Uphold while taking part in the Brave browser referral program. This was one of those great opportunities that came along and awarded Basic Attention Token to affiliates who successfully distributed the Brave privacy browser. To be paid the crypto rewards, one must have an Uphold account. I soon realised that Uphold was a really well run and reliable exchange. 

Uphold let's you add your bank account to fund and withdraw fiat currencies. It offers FX service as well as investing. The main reason people use Uphold is for the Crypto. You can buy coins and tokens on Uphold and send to other exchanges or your wallet. You can also send tokens to your Uphold account and sell them for fiat. Of course Uphold requires KYC but if you are a genuine person with ID, you can pass it as simply as taking a selfie and scanning your passport etc. Once your Uphold account is verified, you have a gateway between your bank account and your crypto. 

New coins added all the time: Uphold is constantly adding support for the coins and tokens you want to see. As well as avoiding outright scamcoins. Uphold has a really good team who are experienced in ensuring you are not being offered complete shitcoins. 

Uphold fees are also competitive. See here

Mobile App is available.

Airdrops: Uphold supports the big Airdrops. The well known Flair airdrop and others. So if you hold your tokens on Uphold where they are quite safe, you can grab yourself som airdrops should they become available.

Instant Withdrawals to banks in UK and Europe. Uphold also supports US customers with US bank accounts too. 

Baskets, Stop orders and more. Go check out Uphold now at





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