Mine Bitcoin's Little Brother on your PC in Minutes

By STARDANO | Stardano | 21 Mar 2024

Imagine going back in time to 2010, if you knew then what you know now, would you start a Bitcoin miner on your Desktop PC or gaming laptop? 

Just lately we have seen meme coins shoot up from nothing to crazy prices. This got me thinking that if useless shitcoins can make people rich, I should start collecting any coins I can in my wallet. 

I was looking around for coins I could collect from my mobile phone like MinePi and Over Protocol and i suddenly came across Vertcoin. 

Basically a fork of Bitcoin that anyone can still mine on their desktop 

Because Vertcoin is based on Bitcoin's codebase, when Bitcoin receives any updates, so does Vertcoin. It is basically Bitcoin's little brother and has a supply of exactly 4x that of Bitcoin. 84 Million in total!

So when you get those people asking questions online: will my dog shitcoin be worth $1, and the nerdy math geeks reply with "by my calculation, for your dogshitcoin to reach $1,based on its total supply of 20 quadrillion, it would need a market cap the size of Elon Musk's piggy bank", you have to take Vertcoin seriously!

The current Bitcoin price is now $67,800 with its total supply of 21m coins. 

Vertcoin, if it had the same market cap as Bitcoin, it would be worth $16,950 per coin. If Vertcoin had just 1% of Bitcoin's market cap it would be worth $169.50 per coin. If vertcoin had 0.01% of Bitcoin's market cap, it would be worth $16.95 per coin. And you can mine 2 or 3 coins every day on a basic PC with a GPU of about 5 years old. Imagine if you have a good GPU!

The reason Vertcoin is still only worth a few cents a coin is because no one knows about it. It wasn't setup as a scammy dogshit coin with an ICO or Airdrop, it was setup as a fork of Bitcoin. It is Bitcoin but without the hype! 

Vertcoin needs us to mine it. The more of us who do, the more decentralised and democratic it becomes and the more valuable it gets because people will go long on it.

If you could have known how big Bitcoin would get back in 2010, would you have been happy mining 2 or 3 Bitcoins a day? Even if you had mined just one!!!!! Who knows what will happen with Vertcoin? The thing I love is, it is on my PC at work and it mines using the GPU in the background all day. Each time I look at it, it has a few more coins in the wallet. A few more coins that are basically Bitcoins and the total supply is only 4x that of Bitcoin. Knowing what happened to BTC, Only a mad dog would ignore the heads up I am giving you. 

If I tell you how to get the miner, will you send me 1  Vertcoin when you have mined one? 

Here's my VTC address you can use to test sending your first coin from your miner: 3DQdU6rTYxvG9BtJurjV6EyjDPYu77VZ4r

So here it is (drum roll)

1, Download the Vertcoin One Click Miner

The download is from Github so you will need to download the right zip for your machine. If you need help just ask in the comments below. Say what machine you have and someone will help you.

2, Simply unzip your download and run it on a laptop or computer that has a GPU. When you set up your miner software for the first time, make sure you remember your wallet password so you can send me that Vertcoin you promised!!!

My vertcoin address:



See you at the Miami beach party for Vertcoin Miners!!!!


Note you can store vertcoins on Ledger cold wallet.

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