By BtcB | Stack Sats | 18 Mar 2023

The saga continues.  The insanity continues. 

Financial markets keep doing unprecedented things.

40% of Russell 2000 companies are unprofitable as the businesses are not making enough to cover costs or generate profits for shareholders.

Many analysts thought that rate hikes would begin crashing markets, yet the $SPX was at even levels +425 basis points later.


It's clear to see that we're in a turning point within this economic twilight zone.  A chart from the book Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital shows we’re likely leaving an “Installation Phase” and moving into a "Deployment Period."

The crash, financial bubble and polarization elements give hints of this being a turning point.


This chart from Messari also suggests that we're in early adoption phases, which gives hope for a decentralized future. 

With rising interest rates and the Fed tightening, it seems they are looking to maintain a "boom/bust" economy.  And while tightening seems to be the objective, it's clear the Fed has had to take on different approaches recently.



With the recent bank fallout, people are voting with their money as we see the rise in adoption of Bitcoin and cryptos with less trust in centralized systems.

It's obvious that decentralized tools are needed to navigate this twilight zone and we'll continue to see how they grow while providing clarity in the financial world.

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