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By Emanuel90 | Sr-Emanuel-btc | 14 Feb 2021

Speaking of undertaking .. One of the big mistakes, while we are undertaking, and the business, our project begins to grow ... It is not delegating tasks, to partners, to possible companions on the way ... Delegating a position well, to a qualified person, can save us a lot of headaches, to take pressure off us, in order to exploit the area that we love the most, that works best for us ... And thus, feed our project, and enhance it for growth with good foundation .. Delegate, a position where, we do not feel comfortable, where we feel that we are surpassed, it is not the death of anyone, we are human, and yet we cannot and if our vision has no limits, and we project our business, as a business without limits ... what better way to start delegating as soon as possible and testing how we are doing ... When we don't feel comfortable making some decisions, where we are forced to make them, where we act as if to get out of that nightmare ... We do nothing but weaken our project, our company ... The best thing is to decompress the obligations, even if they are simple decisions, those we can delegate, in order to make the most important decisions, with more capacity, without worrying about other minimal issues, where they take away decision time ... Personal experience: My project, in itself, did not represent a lot of contact with clients, but there was, and it had to be firm so that they make their payments on time, sign contracts, make payment receipts, attend to them and ask for requirements, also advertising, and to tend each power client. I used to rent apartments, it is still a business that I have in operation, among others .... All that I have just mentioned was a field where I did not feel comfortable, "harassing" and being firm so that those who People who rented the apartments pay on time ... That is why I saw it very convenient to assign this position to my partner, of great character, who naturally made respecting the payment dates ... With time and desire to attend to each person, to show him the rent, and fill out paperwork ... It was a breakthrough for the business. I dedicated myself, to what I did best, which was the design, and supervision of the work, getting the materials in order ... Finding prices, and making decisions on the job ... Since I have great knowledge in construction .. . That's why when it comes to delegating tasks, I think it is extremely important, and the faster we can, the better ... They are important decisions for a project, delegate, or hire a person suitable for essential tasks ...


Sorry for the translation .. Thank you very much for reading it .. And any questions, I wait for you in the comments! Good start to the week!

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