a light, in the dark path of the independent worker, in Latin America

By Emanuel90 | Sr-Emanuel-btc | 17 Aug 2020

About three years ago, I started doing what I love the most! To undertake (independent worker) ... An electromechanical technician, from a humble family, located in a Latin America with great economic potential, but immature, with a frightening political puberty that hurts the soul. If undertake (independent worker) ... Even though it seems crazy! I'm not the only one! Not from this country, not from this continent! ... But ... Is paid work safer? Studying a major career? .. No, nothing is safe in this area. It has already been shown that in no country, Europe, Asia, etc., nothing was safe. But the need to undertake (self-employed). To give direction to your dreams, to bet on what you think has value ... That need, to undertake, is not negotiated. I can't imagine lowering my arms, no matter how hard it is. I cannot imagine passing on my regret, my failure to my wife and children. If the entrepreneur does not follow his convictions, he dies, if he is not firm in his ideals, he dies day by day. It is not easy, of course. And I don't do it alone, indirectly you need family, the support of your friends. Even the criticism to the mistrust and the bad energy of the people, are fuel, for the hungry soul of the entrepreneur, if it sounds like that ... In an unstable country, where the prices of their work material rise madly, where their local currency It depreciates week by week, and the refuge to protect your purchasing power is a foreign currency. To which it is increasingly impossible to access and is also devalued, to a lesser extent, but it does. That's where Bitcoin comes in, to help the population, the entrepreneur ... This new (and not so much) digital asset is a light, on an increasingly black path ... 

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Soñador...emprendedor... Técnico electromecánico... Escribo por que puedo...(:

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