Anadolu Efes – CSKA Moscow (Euroleauge Final)

By Burak44 | Sports Healt | 19 May 2019

Anadolu Efes was led by the coach Ataman and Larkin, stepping up to the Final Four. In the semifinal match where Larkin and Micic starred, they managed to defeat our other representative Fenerbahçe very comfortably and in a different way. The basis of this victory lies in the great team chemistry, harmony, self-confidence and talented players. Of course, these elements are gathered together, leading them to coach Ataman'ın applauded standing. Right now, all the stones are in the standing position, the joys are in place and most importantly, Larkin is waiting for the final match.


 CSKA in the first match again said to all basketball fans. Because they came up here again with a high budget and a great staff, but in the first match against Real they fell back with double digit differences. But under the leadership of De Colo and Clyburn, they recovered very well, real and simple mistakes made by Real, and they reached out to win. Maybe they couldn't put Higgins and Hines in full, but Rodriguez, De Colo, Clyburn had a direct impact on the victory. Because the team's system is already based on the individual performances of these stars.


 We will be watching the two teams in a close match with a close match in the final. I think Anadolu Efes is one step ahead of CSKA in terms of form chart and morale. Because, under the leadership of Larkin, they clearly defeated an important rival like Fenerbahce from the beginning to the end. CSKA, on the other hand, has won a difficult game by coming back, and of course it was very important, but their performance is more daily and more unstable than Ephesus. Koç Ataman and Larkin under the leadership of a great air capturing the representative of this historic final match I think one step ahead. 

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