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Anhinga babies

Submarine Ducks 🦆 and Swan 🦢 Video

By hebrew | SpongeBob | 3 Feb 2023

These are amazing birds. If you see a lot of posts about them, it would be because they are one of my favorites.


I could not get into the nature reserve for over a month and that forced me to look around for where else they hang out. This is at the quiet end of the docks where a Daddy Aninga was teaching his boys how to go under and fish for their food. There will be another video on that one when I get it edited.

Today's film is one where I stopped t see some large brown neck swans and when I zoomed in to see them better, I caught my favorite swimmers ducking under and popping back up again. Here is the video.

▶️ Watch on 3Speak


grabbing the igrit was an incidental grab. I pointed and got one standing, the anhinga drying, and the other igrit flying by.


I will also have a dedicated video of the mother igrits and their kids learning how to fly and land a bit. No fishing that I remember. My hope is to have that one edited and narrated soon to.


Living so close to a bird sanctuary is so sweet. I used to get pictures of these amazing creatures only when I was vacationing in Florida. Now I can see them as long as I head to the edge of the city. How nice.

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