#08 - Bronze league with Death element.

By coringa131830 | Coringa021330 | 3 Jul 2021


Hello Splinterlands.

Today we are going to set up a team of the element of death to dispute the bronze league.

Let's start with the summoner Contessa L'ament


This rare summoner of death has as its main ability to take 01 damage from enemy archers.

Our next monster that will be used as a tank will be the Undead Rexx.


This common monster of death is usually used as a tank in first position, for its high attack power, and high number of lives.

For the second position we will use a magic attack monster.
This monster will be the Boogeyman.


This rare monster of death magic attack, has an ability to slow down enemy monsters, helping a lot in battles.

For the third position, we will use a monster that attacks the opponent's last monster.

I'm talking about the Skeleton Assassin monster.


For our fourth position, we're going to pick a very insane archer. With huge attack power, and high number of lives the Octopider has to be part of your team.


With this death element team, you will have huge success in the bronze league dispute.

I hope this content has helped you.

We met at Game.


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