#03 - Splinterlands Game Investment

By coringa131830 | Coringa021330 | 7 Jun 2021

Hi guys,

I know that many of you, like me, Play Splinterlands to be able to earn your first cryptocurrencies, or for extra income. But gambling can be very profitable as an investment as well. I like to have my own cards, and I usually buy some UNTAMED packs, and DICE packs, and the results can be wonderful... Most of the time packs tie, or even lose. But if you're lucky, you can do very well. See my examples below.




on 05/28 after buying some packs, and some potions, and being very lucky I managed to get the golden Kralus card that I ended up selling for U$90.00 to my friend @marianaemilia.




With the money from the sale, I bought a few more packs, and booommm. The lightning struck the same place a second time. Once again the golden Kralus card. This one was in my collection for future battles.




On Saturday, June 5th, I bought a few more packs, and once again I hit the jackpot.
The legendary summoner of the golden Chanseus the Great. This letter I also sold to my friend @marianaemilia.

Today when I completed my Quest I was also lucky enough to draw a legendary but regular card.




I received the legendary dragon monster ROBO-DRAGON KNIGHT.

Finally, I would like to say that I was very lucky to get the cards shown above, but I'll tell you something. Believe in the Splinterlands game, even though it is a very top game, it can be a great financial investment.


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Images: @splinterlands

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