Splinterlands - New Cards 13-16 from ΛZMΛRÉ Dice Set Revealed!

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 25 Aug 2020

The Wizards' Council is back with more secrets of the ΛZMΛRÉ Dice to reveal before their upcoming release into the Splinterlands! Those who haven't been following the Wizards' Council or the great explorer Jyitu Burudo can catch up on recent events in the following reports:

Additionally, Jyitu wanted to remind everyone that he will ONLY accept Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) as payment for his ΛZMΛRÉ Dice!

ΛZMΛRÉ Dice will go on sale Wednesday, August 26th!

Khymeria (Life Splinter)

The Wizards' Council has decoded the dark energy signatures for the Khymeria (Life Splinter) essences contained within the dice - as well as a Dragon Splinter Monster - as a result of their continued research...

Lorna Shine


Lorna Shine - the new 3-Mana Life Splinter Summoner - grants the Divine Shield ability to all friendly Monsters, which means they take no damage the first time they are attacked in battle!

The White Plains of Khymeria boast an extremely mild climate that allows for some Khymians to live in the elements throughout the year. Lorna Shine is one such Khymian. She wanders throughout the valley, visiting acquaintances and attending celebrations. Her skin is incredibly fair, no matter how much time she spends outdoors, and her red hair shines like a flame as she approaches from a distance at sunset. Lorna carries a huge sword on her back. When the sword is removed from its sheath for combat, it always does magnificent work.

Lorna has never much discussed it among her Khymian friends, but she has always felt a strong magical surge deep within her body. She knows that with proper training, and with the attention of the watchful Angels that protect her always, she has what it takes to become a formidable summoner in the Mount Mox tournament games. Lately, Lorna is ready for a new challenge, and something is calling her to combat. The arena awaits.

Lunakari Mistress


The Lunakari Mistress has a powerful Magic attack for 6 Mana. She Cripples her targets causing them to lose one max Health each time she attacks them, and she does double damage to enemies with no attacks via the Oppress ability.

The existence of the Lunakari has been a secret to the Splinterlands until very recently, when a small group of these women descended. They stride about the lands of Khymeria like they own the place, claiming to anyone who protests that they are the true and rightful heirs to the Angels’ land. The Lunakari women speak with a breathy and ethereal dialect, reverently addressing one another as Mistress. Each of the Lunakari Mistresses carries magical powers the likes of which the Splinterlands have never seen. Any resistance they meet in Khymeria is quickly deescalated by their frightening charge of power and red glowing eyes as they begin to weave their strange Lunakari spells. The mere threat of a magic attack from a Lunakari Mistress is usually enough to convince a Khymian commoner to give over any (or all) of their possessions.



Kralus, the newest Life Splinter Legendary Monster, has both a Melee and Magic attack in addition to high Health and Armor. Kralus can Fly, Heal, is Immune to negative status effects, and Strengthens all friendly Monsters!

The flying tiger known as Kralus is the Angels’ messenger who has always delivered Khymian children at the beginning of their lives to the couples who would raise them. The name of Kralus has always brought joy to the people of Khymeria, for his coming has always brought a new Khymian child. But hidden within the ΛZMΛRÉ Dice is the secret to summoning Kralus to battle.

Dragon Spirit


While the Dragon Spirit does not have any attacks, it is fast and Flies making it quite hard to hit with a Melee or Ranged attack. It is also Immune to negative status effects and when it dies it explodes doing damage to all enemy Monsters!

A quick note on Immunity's interaction with the Snare ability: If a Monster with Snare attacks a Flying monster with Immunity (like the Dragon Spirit or Kralus), the attacker will still hit every time since the Snare ability states that the attacker cannot miss a Flying target, but the target with Immunity will not receive the Snare status effect since it is immune to negative status effects and therefore will still retain the Flying ability.

A twisted spell was recently discovered by the Dragon mages, and now ghostly hybrids known only as Dragon Spirits are roaming the skies. Despite the best efforts of Gloridax egg care, the rate of egg failures has skyrocketed as the Splinterlands has been stricken with the Burn. The mages began their experiments hoping that they could salvage something of the Dragon that might have been. But when they perform these wild spells on failed eggs, they are not saving the Dragon’s life, but trapping it in spirit form and cursing it to wander the Splinterlands instead of having a chance with the next egg. The Dragon Spirits (fully aware of their situation) are ruthlessly resentful of everyone living, especially Dragons.


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