Splinterlands' Land Presale Begins Tomorrow

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 6 Nov 2020

After months of anticipation by both Splinterlands players and the wider crypto community alike, the Splinterlands Land Presale will finally begin tomorrow (November 7th) at 16:00 UTC... That's 11 EST.


What is Splinterlands Land?

The Land Expansion will be a massive update to Splinterlands gameplay that goes live in 2021. Players will be able to own and care for their own land, using it to mine various resources. From these resources, ITEMS and SPELLS will ultimately be crafted by the players and used within Splinterlands battles!

This update will give a new kind of control and ownership to the players. Not only will they own their assets (as they always have with Splinterlands) but they will possess the ability to mint exclusive NFTs that can be created in no other way. The company will not be selling Spells and Items, so the responsibilities of producing, distributing and trading them will fall solely onto the players (owners).

You'll find in THIS POST all the details of the upcoming Land Expansion that are currently available.

The Presale


Three companies have been granted rights by the Wizards' Council to sell claims to their Praetorian land. The first of the three, the Mothrook Goathelm Exploration Company, is offering their claims at the greatest discount of 50% off.

For the original Land announcement and all the details of the Presale, check out THIS POST.

While tomorrow's MG Exploration Presale offers the greatest discount of 50%, these claims may be difficult to acquire, especially since 27,000 out of 30,000 are being sold as Regions (1000 Plots). For more details on the REGION LOTTERY (there's still time to  get in!), check out THIS POST.

Buyers should keep in mind that in the next presale round, discounted land will still be available, for 40% off instead of 50.

Even following the three discounted Presales, 60,000 Plots will be available for the full price of $20 each.


If you want in this round, don't be late. At 16:00 UTC there will be 3000 Plot claims for sale once the 27,000 sold as Regions are deducted from the total 30,000. That means that when someone buys a Tract (100 Plots), 100 are instantly deducted from the 3000 available. These could sell out very quickly.


16:00 UTC is the time. There was some confusion regarding the EST time that was originally announced, due to Daylight Savings Time. 16:00 pm UTC tomorrow will be 11am EST. An hour late might be way too late. 


See you on the battlefield!

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