Splinterlands Crossover Promotion with Blockchain Heroes: First Strike

By Chris Roberts | Splinterlands | 10 Dec 2020

When centralization threatens to turn the world into a gray and boring, moneyless place... wherever doublespeak confounds the goals of dreamers and innovators... when all hope seems lost, we can always count on the BLOCKCHAIN HEROES!!!

The Heroes of not only the WAX blockchain, but also the greater blockchain Megaverse will be releasing their First Strike series of brand new Hero and Villain cards on December 15th!

In preparation for the highly anticipated release, Splinterlands and Blockchain Heroes are running a multi-phase, joint crossover promotion that will probably blow your minds.

Splinterlands Titan Pack Promo!


From now until the release of the set on December 15th, a special promotion will be running on the sale of Splinterlands Untamed Booster Packs:

Buy 50 Booster Packs at $2 each (while a WAX wallet is linked to your Splinterlands account) and you will receive a Titan Pack from the First Strike sale!

These Titan Packs will be set aside from Phase 2 of the sale and distributed once available to every WAX wallet that redeemed the promo. But that's not all!

The Hero of Beyond!

In Wednesday's Hero Report, The Blockchain Heroes announced the newest member of the Megaverse, the Hero of Beyond! This Hero's destiny pulls him to another place. Ever since his birth under a Mana-charged meteor, the Hero has been called to the Splinterlands. Soon he will take his true place in the Splintral battles and join the fight!

In a not-so-distant Untamed Airdrop, the Hero of Beyond will Enter the Splinter with a flash and a bang! This will mark a historic moment in the Blockchain Megaverse, as two wildly successful companies join forces to bring you the first Blockchain Hero of the Splinterlands!

Keep your eyes on the sky, Splinterlanders, and don't miss Blockchain Heroes: First Strike on December 15th!


Purchase/Trade Blockchain Heroes at Atomic Hub!

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Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts

Content Director for Splinterlands


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