Daily Rewards 🤑 in Splinterlands

Daily Rewards 🤑 in Splinterlands

By chorock | Splinterlands Stories | 2 Jan 2021

This is another great daily rewards of Splinterlands. Nowadays I get profitable daily rewards in Splinterlands. Today I got 3 USD value reward cards in Splinterlands. I got Legendary Card and Gold Foil Card!

Summary of Reward:

62 DEC
1 Legendary Potion
1 Alchemy Potion
Cards Burn Total Value: 1.780 DEC
It helped me to increase my DEC power. I hope I can get next locked League in next season!


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Splinterlands Stories
Splinterlands Stories

Splinterlands is a decentralized trading card game where players can earn crypto currency every day from battles, tournaments and daily quests.

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