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By Pinkman45 | Splinterlands Journey | 16 Nov 2022


Hey guys,

quite a bit has happened and my plans have slightly changed since the last post, so I'll update you with this post. I also decided to call these posts "Account Update", since I've successfully pushed and stayed in gold league and am considering myself a gold player now and will post every two weeks to cover a full season.


Season Rewards

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Rewards for this season came in at a total of $38, which looks pretty amazing. 4 Packs, 200 SPS a legendary and a GF common were the biggest pulls. However almost $18 worth of the $38 are from potions, which is a lot in my opinion. To actually gain that value I am opening all the packs I'm pulling, hoping for some legendaries or GF's which I then send to my alt account to rent them out until they appreciate in value.


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Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-16 um 12.59.20.png

I try to enter as many silver & gold tournaments as possible, because I'm always making my entry fee back. Most of the time I only win like 3 SPS, but in these to cases I managed to place a bit higher winning 20 and 64 SPS, which is my personal best so far I think.

Market Transaction

In the last two posts I had planned to purchase another copy of Jacek to max him out for gold and also to get a Forgotten One to level 3.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-16 um 13.05.01.png

I did a complete 180 and sold my Jaceks and single copies of Untamed cards. The reason being that while Jacek is a very powerful summoner he doesn't offer that much depth to my collection. I already have strong high mana decks and a lot of good speed decks. What I was lacking was a good Reverse Speed and Noxious Fumes team and Tarsa was just better suited for those rulesets. Then Jaceks price also shot up a little while Tarsa stayed the same so I made a little profit on my Jaceks.

With Tarsa also being cheaper in comparison to Jacek I had funds to add cards to my fire collection:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-16 um 13.09.23.png

I bought a level 3 Countess Sinash, level 3 Forgotten One, level 5 Tarsa, Level 5 Molten Ash Golem and level 6 Scavo Chemist. I'm very happy with my fire deck know and it's doing quite well in certain rulesets giving my overall collection more depth and increasing my win rate.


Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-16 um 13.14.18.png

My second account is run by Splinterrents, an automated rental bot and I just send all my duplicates, gold foils and other cards that I don't need for play on my main account over there. As you can see the cards in the account are only worth around $74, because I don't have that huge of a collection, but they are generating between 20-30% of passive income a year and as the season comes closer to an end the ROA goes up to 50-60%. All automatically without me having to touch the account. I'm very happy with the services and if you want to try it out feel free to use my referralcode: 308702287759671298.

Future Plans 23xVcWE42Wzfqi4mbgkDSWZvfR42uRnxVtbctF8ZddP5MR3YtzR1mCL8vPpy53mX3GSVd.png

In terms of deck building I'm currently looking to get my Legionnaire Alvar to level 3, which I need another 5 copies for and I also have my eyes set on some cheap reward epics I could max out, like Tide Biter.

Other then that I'm looking to compound my earnings and growing my rental account.

I've also joined a guild and started brawling, which is quite fun and since there's SPS rewards for brawls now, also quite lucrative maybe. I might change guilds in the near future, because I just joined a random one that invited me.


None of this is financial advice. These tips are for educational purposes only and might all fall out of date as both Splinterlands and the Crypto Market in general are subject to constant change.


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Hope you enjoyed the read. Have a great day and until next time!


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