Beating the Wavesmith

Bronze Strategies Part 2: Beating Venari Wavesmith

Today, I'm going to demonstrate exactly how easy it is to beat the Venari Wavesmith water damage strategy if you see it coming.

Firstly I want to point out that the strategy is most played and most often viable at mid-high mana >12, to allow playing Wavesmith, Alric, Medusa and Elven Mystic (highest hp starter card magic monsters). Sure you could try it with Ice or Enchanted Pixie, with lower mana still and succeed but its a toss up.

At 12 mana, the basic fire trio of Cerberus, Serpentine Spy and Kobold Miner will almost always succeed as demonstrated below (12 mana battle).

Water battle 12 mana.PNG

At higher mana, 13 or higher, Wizard of Eastwood with Failed Sorcerer and Unicorn Mustang will win. Its important to place failed sorcerer first so that the magic monsters will hit him first and allow him to take out, or at least weaken, 1 or 2 of them. If the pixies are played, theuy'll go first and die to his magic damage return and the battle will be far easier going forward. This continues to work at even higher mana if you add in sneaks and snipe. Additional magic damage may not succeed if the opponent plays a lot of Djinn Oshannus. Demonstration below (23 mana battle).

Watter battle 23 mana.PNG

With the current bronze meta relying so heavily on the water magic damage, Wavesmith based build, following this post alone should be able to dodge some of those inevitable losses if you can see it coming (works especially well against players spamming water only, and there are a lot).

You also get the added bonus of easily finishing your earth quest, which I could never do without a mylor before.

If you learned anything or like this post, please like and follow for more content. I'm going to continue to post more strategies, both for play style (bronze and silver) and for earning/investment.

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Everything about Splinterlands is Awesome
Everything about Splinterlands is Awesome

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