By magicodoz | Splinterlands Cronicles | 12 Feb 2022

Hi All!

Today i want to show you what Splinterlands offer to a player just playing it on regular basis.
The main form of rewards are the daily quest. Based on your league you can earn, playing the daily quest, a certain amount of chest that contain cards, packs, potions, credit and Dec.


Following my quest rewards from the start of the season. I start at bronze II and my max CP allow me to play in Silver III league.


+ DAY 1: 1 Legendary Potion
+ DAY 2: 9 cr
+ DAY 3: 1 Gargoya Lion and 28 Dec
+ DAY 4: 1 Alchemy Potion and 1 Legendary Potion
+ DAY 5: 1 Pelacor Bandit and 30 Dec
+ DAY 6: 2 Alchemy Potion
+ DAY 7: 1 Pelacor Deceiver and 1 Pelacor Conjurer 
+ DAY 8: 1 Dijin Renova and 1 Legendary Potion
+ DAY 9: 1 Naga Assassin and 1 Venari Heatsmith
+ DAY 10: 1 Legendary Potion and 1 Alchemy Potion
+ DAY 11: 2 Legendary Potion

In 11 days of play, Splinterlands rewarded me with 7 cards of which 1 is an Epic card! Without consider the amount of Dec. It is a long way but i love this reward system and if you are lucky you could found a GF legendary card that will help you to grow faster than before! I love this kind of possibility.

Do not Forget that the cards are deflationary assets so if one day you decide to stop playing and do anything else you can sell your assets and move on.I think this system is a great stimulus to keep going and try to become a better and strong player! I'm looking forward to what Splinterlands has in store for us in the future and i hope to share with you my progression!</div>

Love you guys!

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I'm an Italian guy. I have a master degree in biomedical engineering. Like most introvert guy, i love playing video games and i'm a Splinterlands player. I like also plants and playing sports like basketball and football!

Splinterlands Cronicles
Splinterlands Cronicles

Hi all! Let me introduce myself: I'm from Italy, i grow up in a small town near the sea. I graduated in the University of Bologna with a master degree in biomedical engineering and actually i work as R&D manager for an Italian biomedical company. I'm here to share my journey with you. I'm mainly focus on Splinterlands content because i really like play this game and i want to enjoy with you my passion!

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