Weekly challenge


Hi Splinters,


The theme of weekly battle challenge for this week is : DRAGONS
One of my favorite element!


c342a11f721497f57b77af9ae7691dbf26cb21aa7feb289824e6ebc4da004b7b.pngCHALLENGE RULES


Rarity: Any

Theme: Dragons
Edition: Any

Element: Dragon + Any
Attack: Any
Abilities: Any

You can found the battle Here
League: Bronze II
Rule set: Target practice
Mana cap: 18

My team
Element: Dragon / Life
Summoner: Drake of Arnak



Enemy team
Element: Dragon / Death
Summoner: Drake of Arnak



My strategy was to use a strong armored tank combined with a ranged support that can deal damage and a back monster with fly to reduce possible hit by the enemy sneak. Thorns is an ability that work very well in low mana cap matches so i picked Chwala. Base on that consideration i predicted enemy team and i won the battle because my back monster with flying forced to miss the opponent attacks and my opportunity easy took down their back monsters. I also picked Venari because a ranged attack work very well against thorns ability and helped my front monster to take down Windeku. I think that my deck is weak against ranged attackers because my tank could easily be melted by ranged. With this rule set my support will die early and then i will stay without enough dps to take down the enemy team. I predicted well my enemy team but i was also lucky to play against a melee team.

I really like play with Dragon element. I love to be able to use other element with the power of dragon summoner. The use of dragon could surprise the opponent and give a chance to win the battle. However, i think Dragon element has only few cards to play with in the basic cards set. For this reason i think this element is undervalue at low elo.


Have a nice day guys!


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I'm an Italian guy. I have a master degree in biomedical engineering. Like most introvert guy, i love playing video games and i'm a Splinterlands player. I like also plants and playing sports like basketball and football!

Splinterlands Cronicles
Splinterlands Cronicles

Hi all! Let me introduce myself: I'm from Italy, i grow up in a small town near the sea. I graduated in the University of Bologna with a master degree in biomedical engineering and actually i work as R&D manager for an Italian biomedical company. I'm here to share my journey with you. I'm mainly focus on Splinterlands content because i really like play this game and i want to enjoy with you my passion!

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