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By magicodoz | Splinterlands Cronicles | 10 Mar 2022

Hi all,


are you one of those who want everything immediately or are you patient?
For this weekly social media challenge i want to tell you about my first time using the bid system on Peakmonsters.


 I try my best to level up the water summoner Kelya Frendul because i think is a powerful summoner and i like it! In order to level up one card in Splinterlands you need to combine several copy of the card. As you should know you can buy cards from other players in different marketplace. One of my favorite is PeakMonsters because there is a bid system that involve the use of in game DEC. You can bid a qty, that you own, of DEC for the card you prefer and just wait until the target price will be hit. I just put a bid on Kelya one week ago and i got one copy at the target price. This system is amazing because eventually you can save a lot of money just wait and pay attention to the marketplace. I wish i knew sooner to save money when i first bought other copies of Keyla.


Do you prefer buying cards immediately to fulfill your desire or you can wait?
Let me know in the comment section!



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I'm an Italian guy. I have a master degree in biomedical engineering. Like most introvert guy, i love playing video games and i'm a Splinterlands player. I like also plants and playing sports like basketball and football!

Splinterlands Cronicles
Splinterlands Cronicles

Hi all! Let me introduce myself: I'm from Italy, i grow up in a small town near the sea. I graduated in the University of Bologna with a master degree in biomedical engineering and actually i work as R&D manager for an Italian biomedical company. I'm here to share my journey with you. I'm mainly focus on Splinterlands content because i really like play this game and i want to enjoy with you my passion!

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