Splinterlands | Bronze strategies | Dragon/Earth strategy with Byzantine Kitty

When you are new to splinterlands it might be difficult to come up with some decent low level strategies. The "Bronze strategies" series aims to help new players out with coming up with good strategies resulting in higher win rates.

In this post I will cover the earth splinter, with Byzantine Kitty as the summoner. It's a legendary 7 mana summoner that gives every monster +2 attack speed, true strike (which means they can't miss) and it will heal the monster in first position every turn.


Let's start by stating that this is not a cheap summoner, $27 at the time of writing, so it might not be available for a lot of beginners. However, if you are ready to throw in an investment, you should definitely consider this summoner. It's a very strong summoner, but I also think it's a good investment and the price will only go up (my personal opinion - not financial advice).

Maybe you even get lucky and find him in a pack (like I did), but you might not know how you should use him, let me help you out!

Before we get into the details, let me warn you, I'm not one of the top bronze players. However, I did reach top 20 in bronze today and my win rate with kitty is 89.2%, so I should be able to give some decent bronze level advice. 




When to use Byzantine Kitty

One of the first things you should realize is when you should use what splinter/summoner. For Byzantine Kitty, it's really easy -at least when using my strategy- if you can use earth and it's at least a 13 mana battle, it's go time! (Unless there is a battle condition that hinders you ofcourse).

Okay, so the next question... why 13 mana?

Simple, there is a 6 mana cost monster that works really well in combination with Byzantine Kitty... at least at bronze level.

I also use kitty for other splinters from time to time, but usually these are always high mana battles.


Basic strategy

The basic strategy is extremely simple and I basically already gave it away earlier in this post, use it in combination with a certain 6 mana creature. We will get more into detail about what other cards work well with this strategy, but to be honest, this is the bread and butter. You can basically do whathever you like with the leftover mana.

So, what creature is this mysterious 6 mana monster?


It's the Flesh golem!


Oh, one more thing, he needs to be level 3 because he gains the heal ability at this level. A level 3 gollem costs around $8 at the time of writing, so it's also not exactly a cheap card.

Okay, so now that we have established that this strategy is pretty expensive for beginners, let's start talking about why it's still worth it.

Let me start by simply dropping my stats with flesh golem here, a 91% win rate based on 145 games:



Win by surviving

This entire strategy does not focus on dealing damage, but rather on surviving. The flesh golem will heal himself every turn for 3 health and the Byzantine kitty will heal him for another 3 health, resulting in 6 points of healing per turn.

Let's think about this for a second, this means that the enemy team needs to do 7 damage to my front line creature per turn to even do any lasting damage to my golem. And even when they actually do 7 damage to the frontline creature, they need to attack 4 times before the flesh golem would actually die. If you are able to kill a monster in time and reduce that damage to 6 or less, the flesh golem becomes invincible again.

So how are they going to kill your golem when it's only a 13 mana battle? Let me tell assure you, this rarely happens.

Feel free to take a look at a classic example:


at first glance, the enemy team has quite a bit of damage. However, once you get some experience with this strategy you will quickly do the math and realise that this team won't even do any lasting damage to your golem...

Another very common situations when you play with this strategy is playing untill fatigue hits in. This happens especially often when you are playing against Zintar Mortalis - a death summoner that weakens your melee creatures by -1 attack. Now, you are almost always going to win this because you have 6 healing on a 10 health creature. It's beatable (for example by Kron the Undying), but you will win almost all your fatigue games. In fact, I have never lost a fatigue battle with this strategy (in bronze).

Enjoy a classic example:


I haven't even mentioned the fact that Kitty also gives every monster +2 attack speed, which helps with evading attacks. This results in the flesh golem being a 5 attack speed creature, making him even closer to invincible.

The only real counter are monsters with the affliction ability, which has a chance to prevent your monster from any type of heals. Maybe this will cause a problem in higher leagues, but in bronze, monsters with this ability are pretty rarely used.


What other cards to use

As I already mentioned, it doesn't even matter that much. However, high mana fights can become somewhat dangerous because your frontline could take more damage. Therefore, it helps to have high damage creatures since you want to destroy the enemy's damage dealers as soon as possible, so that your golem can survive.

I found that Sporcerer and Mitica Headhunter seem to work really well in this strategy whenever the mana allows it. I also seem to use goblin thief a lot, but this is mainly because there are a lot of 16-17 mana fights where I use this strategy, so I need a low mana monster to fill the spot.



The conclusion is simple, it's an expensive strategy, but it's overpowered. At least, in bronze league. I will still have to find out how good this strategy is in higher leagues.

If you have any questions or remarks feel free to let me know!

Happy battling!


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