Splinterlands watch to earn report for splinternews

Splinternews watch to earn report March 3rd

This is a crosspost of my blog on the hive blockchain. This posts contains affiliate links.


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Yes! If you did not know:

  • by lending me your watchtime on twitch you can redeem various hive-engine
    tokens by spending your twitch channel points. Usually these channel points
    are worthless until you give them real utility. And what could fit better for a
    channel focusing on blockchain gaming, NFTs, and crypto than giving viewers
    assets of the above mentioned things.

What are my channel points giving me?


You can redeem $ONEUP, $STARBITS, $DEC, $LVL. A KOLOBOK NFT on the
wax blockchain $HKWATER and $BUDS



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All these assets are held by @snvault and and can be seen by anyone checking
out the hive engine wallet.

I will never use these funds for myself and these are solely for you to earn by
watching my twitch stream.

If you would like to donate to this project which I see as a major onboarding tool
to the overall hive ecosystem, you can do so by sending assets to @snvault 
MEMO: donation watchtoearn project

The winners of my last 2 streams:



I will be sending the amounts in the next 24 hours. If you are still missing some of your
tokens let me know. This is the official list if you are not on there you have no requests made!
If you have not filled the google form I do not know your IGN you will not win!

Total watchtoearn value

3300 STARBITS (0,843 HIVE), 187 ONEUP (4,714 HIVE ), 500 HKWATER (0,011HIVE),
5 BUDS (0,002 HIVE), 40 LVL (0,144 HIVE) the total value using market prices on the spot market is:

5,714 HIVE * +1 DEC i forgot about that one :)

I will be sending the amounts in the next 24 hours. Please be patient, I hav not found a
way to send to multiple users at once. I also have to move more ONEUP to @snvault since
the amount payable is below our dues...

Thanks everyone for reading!

Want to help?

If you want to help @solymi and keep @snvault loaded with rewards I highly appreciate every upvote
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Thanks for your attention and hope to see you soon on my next stream!

Much love @solymi


@stickupboys is the source of this gif!


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