A ruff ride on the bitcoin roller coaster. But the spring time is promising for those with bitcoin seeds sown. That will grow in value over time.🌸🌼🌻🌞Outlook for most markets is up and down for this year. A year for war for many.🤺

Stacking SATS. Keep earning those sats for daily task. On the road a bitcoin of wealth every week. These new technologies in the crypto space are exciting as the web 3.0 space grows and the blockchain development and intergrations continue. Mass adaptation to continue. 

People in the kremlin that are not for bitcoin? Yes.

Hyperbitcoinization. Does this mean Russia rubles gold backed are more favorable than even bitcoin? Not if you want to make a massive hyper gain. But a spanner in the works, the the gold backing this is more stable because of this, a steady rise, a favour of people from the east. My opinion crypto assets as does technology rise in the west so the hyper booms in Bitcoin and all the other asset classes continue. 

Days of desertion and uncertainty. This appears to be so for many in war torn counties. A bleak outlook. Many looking for support. In physical war with military against military no side truely win's spiritually. Watiko vs Watiko energies. Violence is never the best solution nor the ultimate answer. You will find this so as you look with, for those of you with a soul still I encourage you to get more in touch with yourself. If you feel you lost your soul I would encourage you go find it again. Reclaim who you truely are.

Peace, love and Joy.






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Spiritual Business Man
Spiritual Business Man

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Spiritual Connection to Cryptos
Spiritual Connection to Cryptos

The representation of energy that money represents. A store of work done of energy spent given to another human in the form of a payment amount. A monetary value. That can be used and spent. The proof of work value can be spent with other people also to business's offering services and products. The spiritual connection Cryptos have with us humans is a direct relationship with are earthly energies of light that humans and use. We humans are made of light are very cells glow.

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