New Project: crypto_90x90 - $90 dollars of crypto, 90 days of tracking 📈📉

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$90 dollars of crypto, 90 days of tracking




❔ What Is crypto_90x90?

We put $90 into 9 different cryptos, and are tracking how they perform over 90 days. Many people say crypto is dead. Is it? Let's find out if it's still possible to make money simply by investing.

🔎 Tracking & Stats

crypto_90x90 officially launched November 1st, 2019. Even though it's in its early stages, it already has performance tracking built right in.


tracking & stats, right on the homepagetracking & stats, right on the homepage


From a quick glance, you'll be able to see how each individual coin is performing, as well as the overall portfolio health.

📈 Coins Bought & Tracked:

BTC - bitcoin || BCH - bitcoin cash || LTC - litecoin || ETH - ethereum || ETC - ethereum-classic || ALGO - algorand || XLM - stellar lumens || LINK - chainlink || XRP - ripple

💰 How I Choose The 9 Coins

Believe it or not, I'm not here to shill you my favorite coins. The reason we've invested into these specific nine, is simply because these are available to buy right now on Coinbase (with the exception of ALGORAND, which requires an account on Coinbase Pro). Coinbase is by far the simplest & easiest way for normies to buy crypto, so we think it's a good representation of how an average person can quickly invest into cryptos.

🔮 What's In Store For The Future Of crypto_90x90

  • 🔜 news ticker
  • more features
  • more analytics
  • email newsletter & daily social media updates
  • crypto-strategy guides



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