Officially Quarantined!! Stay Home!

Officially Quarantined!! Stay Home!

By Scanova | SpencerCanova | 1 Apr 2020

I just wanted to write down my feelings on the last couple days. Writing can be therapeutic and I enjoy getting my thoughts out where I can see them. 


Here I am in Cottonwood Heights, UT. A suburb of Salt Lake City. The Governor of Utah at this point has told people to “stay home and stay safe” but no mandatory quarantine has been put in place except for the actual city of Salt Lake. (As far as I know) Up to this point I have put myself on unofficial quarantine. Staying at home and working from home minus short trips to the store for essentials and short walks where I don't get near anybody or touch anybody. 


Well Starting Sunday I am now on my self prescribed official quarantine. I will no longer be going to the store, I will confine myself to my home and my back yard for much needed sunlight. 


Why the Change?


Sunday night, my wife and I received a call from her father. He has been sick for a couple weeks but just with a minor cough. We have kept our distance!  Sunday the 29th of April, we received that call though. “I need you to drive me to the ER. I can’t breathe.” Luckily we live just 2 miles away. We rushed over and drove him to the Hospital. I won’t go into detail about the pain he was feeling or what the doctors said. We weren’t even allowed through the front doors. 


I have now chosen to completely quarantine because I spent a few minutes in the car with him and I don't ever want to see anybody in that much pain ever again. I'm thinking of my Mother and Father who are 10 years older than my In-laws. And not in nearly the same great health that my wife's father is. He is strong, a runner, and always is taking care of himself. My parents are getting older and fragile. I can’t imagine. 


This week is the first time I have ever truly felt scared. Seeing him writhe in pain and groan uncontrollably is one of the scariest things I have ever seen. Please go home. Stay inside. Don’t complain about the government and their strict policies, be grateful that someone is watching out and trying to help. I think he will be okay. Other than his pain everything else seemed to be looking good. He has a strong heart and a strong mind. 


So I will be here in my basement. Probably writing some more articles. Please read, please share, please learn and Please stay home and stay safe!!

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