Had to sell my Crypto!! Starting Over.

By Scanova | SpencerCanova | 1 Jun 2023

Unfortunately right now times are tough. I recently lost a job and found myself struggling to pay a few bills. 

I am lucky that I have an incredible spouse who works and has an incredible job that was able to help us through but things got extra tight still. 

In order to get us through I did have to sell all of my crypto in order to help us get by. It's been tough. Luckily Crypto was able to be there for us and I fully believe all of the opportunities in the crypto space will help me get back on top. 

I do have another job now and will begin buying again over the next few weeks. In the meantime I have started spending my free time at nights to start earning what little I can. As little and as small as some of it might be, my hope is that every satoshi will be able to be there to help me again in the future if I need it. Or to help me on my path to financial freedom. 

Here I will start a little accountability for myself to not just keep myself smart but also so I can look back one day and see what progress I have made. 

My First Account is FreeBitcoin

Current Balance - 0.00052138 BTC - 13.92 USD


Currently I am making about 5 or 6 satoshis daily in passive income. But am able to multiply that by playing the games. I am averaging about 5-600 satoshis a day at this point. 


Number 2 is BNBpick.io

Current Balance - 0.04411710 BNB - 13.40 USD


There is no passive income on this platform but I am able to claim about 300 satoshis per hour in the faucet and playing games as well. I am able to earn a few thousand satoshis per day on this one without much time consumed.


Number 3 is Starbets.io 

Current Balances look like this. 


The bottom one being the native token and currently not worth anything itself is what gets me my current passive income on the site. My daily earnings currently look a little something like this. Now this is a casino and has lots of risk but I have been pretty good at managing that risk and building my stash



Now I have a few other projects and a number of faucets that I am using not because they earn anything special but in hopes that if i use my spare time wisely I can atleast help speed up the process of the bigger projects that I trust. 

With my new job I will be looking to greatly increase these accounts over the next several months and hope to restock that nest egg. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Especially for someone who has very little money right now. 

I will probably do an update next week with a few other projects once I spend a little more time with them. 

Thank you all for everything that I have learned from you. 


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