Garden of Eden Anthology Audiobook

New Audiobook: Garden of Eden Anthology

By Allen Taylor | Speculative Fiction | 12 Apr 2024

Hello speculative fiction fans!

I said I'd let you know when I roll out new audiobooks. I'm happy to announce Garden of Eden Anthology is now available on audio and, for a limited time, is only $2.99. This offer is only good through April. Therefore, if you've been waiting for this title to appear on audiobook, you shouldn't delay. Get it now!

garden of eden anthology audiobook

What is Garden of Eden Anthology?

Garden of Eden Anthology is the first book in the Biblical Legends Anthology Series. The series features short stories and poems by various authors. Each book in the series (all three of them) are set in biblical settings and the stories feature characters other than those in the original stories. For example, in the Garden of Eden Anthology, you'll find stories about aliens, gnomes, cockroaches, water rats, and even the infamous Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

If this anthology sounds mouthwatering to you, trust me! It's better than best.

The list of places you can find Garden of Eden Anthology:

If you're holding out for Audible, Amazon, or Shopify, I'm sorry to announce these outlets haven't picked up the audiobook yet. As soon as those venues pick it up, I'll be sure to let you know.

Your friendly author,

Allen Taylor


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