Baked dorada fish,

By Klo | Spanish Food | 10 May 2020


Woow, today I bring you a recipe and a trick as always. We are going to prepare a baked fish, in this case we have chosen a Dorada (golden fish). The scientific name is Sparus aurata, this fish has a golden stripe between its eyes, hence the name aurata or golden. It is a species that is not endangered or even threatened or in danger. It likes generally shallow waters, about 20 and 30m deep, although for the breeding season if they descend more.

The lesser sea, the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea are its preferred waters. It is one of the most bred species in aquaculture. There are many ways to prepare this fish, to me personally as I like the most is "Dorada a la sal" this recipe is applicable to any other fish you want to cook. Its weight varies between 450gr and 1000gr, preferably it must be a wild fish, no young, or matting. The gilthead mats start eating feed until they are an age and weight and are released onto the matting.
Well, without more ... now we go to the kitchen!



Difficulty: very easy
Time: 30
For 2 people
€ 6 / person
160Kcal per 100g


1,4 kg fish golden fish
8 gr of salt/dorada
5gr dill
1 Lemon
450gr potatoes
extra virgin olive oil


STEP1 Peel and cut the potatoes of the same size, not too thin, but not too thick either.
I use a silicone case called Lekue to steam in the microwave. Put the bottom two tablespoons of water and a half of extra virgin olive oil. 7 minutes at maximum power in the microwave and half ready the potatoes.

We preheat the oven to 180º

STEP2 Ask your fishmonger to clean the gills of the fish and remove the scales if you like to eat the skin of the fish. I prefer to remove the scales, it is always done a little faster, and it allows the salt to penetrate the meat so that it gives more flavor to the food.
If we cooked the fish in salt then if we would have to leave the scales, and try to remove the guts from the fish when removing the guts.
Now we make 2 cuts for each loin, and we put a slice of lemon.


STEP3 When the oven reaches its temperature we put the fish in the oven- In the next step the trick !!



When do we know that the fish is ready? All right!! here is the trick! in many recipes you will see cooking times, they are all random, the fish is ready when its eye becomes totally opaque !! there it is that is the perfect cooking point. Try it and you will see that it does not fail.




I hope you like the recipe, it is very easy to make as you have seen. I await your comments and if you like it, I encourage you to subscribe to the blog so that you do not miss any of my recipes, that leaving a tip is a motivation to continue publishing recipes.
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Spanish Food
Spanish Food

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