Weekly Rambling #18

By SouthernStar71 | SouthernStar71 | 20 Apr 2024

Woke up to my nose bleeding. I think that I dry out too much during the night and that makes my nose to bleed. It is an awkward way to wake up. Having to get your nose to stop bleeding while you are still sleepy is difficult and not fun. Luckily, I can get it to stop without leaving a clot the fills that side of my nose.

I was once again reminded that Mom has passed and I live alone. I needed to have my back scratched. Mom used to scratch it for me. I do have a scratcher that I used to be able to reach where it itched.

The NHL and the proper NBA playoffs start today. This is also Week 4 of the UFL. No LoL as MSI doesn't start until May and that is the next LoL I pay attention to.

I went to the heart Dr. on Wednesday. He had me stop Chlorthalidone. It is a BP med. I was taking half of a 25mg pill each morning. With it now stopped, I can't really tell any difference to how I feel. I do see my PCP on the 24th. Usually they have me do blood work. Sometimes there is a urine test. I do see my endocrinologist on May 1. The 30th of May I have another ultrasound on my carotids to monitor the blockage. In September I have an Echo and in November is the follow-up with the heart Dr. 

I am still playing OOTP25. I am keeping up with Perfect Team. Currently I am struggling in Gold League. I might get relegated. If I do, I am going to try something different. I am watching streams to get packs and I'm starting to complete some Missions. Hopefully, I stay in Gold. I also do tournaments to win packs. I should find out what is winning and see about adding cards to improve my tournament results. 

When Football Manager 25 is released(usually in November) I plan to learn the game and try my best to keep a job and go from tier 6 to the Premier League.

Thanks for reading.

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