Wednesday March 1, 2023

By SouthernStar71 | SouthernStar71 | 1 Mar 2023

First day of March as time keeps on slippin slippin slippin into the future. Hopefully someone will get the musical reference of that. If not, I'm just old. Being 56 is not that old but my interests make me think I'm old sometimes. Having had a stroke makes it awkward to get around. However, when seated things are like I didn't have the stroke. Therefore, I do spend a good bit of time seated. It is also what allows me to drive. 

I did put the recycle bin out yesterday as they pick them up on the first Wednesday of a month. Garbage goes out Thursday for Friday pickup. 

Have to go to Walgreens later today to pickup a prescription. I have 6 or so of them left and I take them daily. While I could wait a bit it is less than 10 pills so the insurance will pay for it. I just make sure to refill my pills box each week and call the automated phone line and get refills for anything that can be refilled. If a prescription is out of refills, I try to do that early so the pharmacy gets in touch with the Dr. to get refills authorized.

Like I said in a previous post, I have ordered 2 baseball caps from Amazon. One is scheduled to get here today in the regular mail. The other one is either Friday or next Tuesday at the latest. The caps are for when I stream or make YouTube videos for OOTP 24 which releases on steam March 24th. I am doing two different teams depending on which service they go to. When I stream OOTP 24 I will be managing the Cincinnati Reds. When I make videos for YouTube, they will be of me being the GM of the Oakland A's. I have ordered a cap of the Reds and the A's. The Reds cap is the one getting here today. Obviously, the A's cap will come in later.

After the drive-thru visit to Walgreens, I might get a few groceries so I can make it a good while on shopping. Mainly need Coke Zero Sugar as I'm currently out of soft drinks that have caffeine. I am drinking a bit more tea to get the caffeine that my body is used to getting. No coffee for me as I require a lot of sugar to make it drinkable for me. Since I'm watching my sugar intake, no coffee for me. 

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