Tuesday January 31, 2023

By SouthernStar71 | SouthernStar71 | 31 Jan 2023

Today is the last day of January. 

The Bin containing items to be recycled goes out today since tomorrow is the first Wednesday of a month. I plan to put that out whenever I go to IGA. IGA is a small local grocery store that I go to when I don't want to go to town and my grocery needs are small. Think I will get bananas and bread from IGA.

I have been doing LoL videos about the LEC and the LCS. They have been doing well for me so far as my YouTube channel is small. www.youtube.com/c/southernstar71 if you want to sub to my channel. Doing so is free. I will link the latest LEC and LCS videos so you can see what I've done. Hope you enjoy them.

I've taken my thyroid pill like I do every morning. Rode the exercise bike 20 minutes since it is Tuesday. I do the bike M/T/Th/F. That is obviously four times a week. I've had my toast and am currently drinking my CZS. I do plan to get a shower before streaming on Twitch today. Also will get in the short trip to IGA at some point today.

Planning to do an LCS prediction and thoughts video later today or on Wednesday. The LEC is off til Saturday as they play Saturday, Sunday and Monday. They start matches at noon my time and play 5 matches. Each match lasts around an hour. The LCS plays Thursday and Friday. They start at 5pm my time. They also do 5 matches per day. It is easier for me to watch LEC as they are done by 6pm my time and the LCS is really just getting started when the LEC is ending. I'm really glad they don't overlap. I do listen to/watch the LPL and LCK on my 2nd monitor. I mostly absorb the sounds of those two leagues. The rest of league I don't pay much attention to. 

I am getting into a routine and with it being almost 3 months since Mom passed, things aren't nearly as raw as they were. Yesterday, I did need to get her purse to look at some items that were inside it. That was NOT fun at all. It reminded me that she was gone. I know she isn't coming back to me and that I don't have any family close to me. If I hadn't had the stroke I think I would be handling it a bit better. It is a fact I had the stroke three years ago. Each time I get up and walk I am reminded that I had that stroke. I'm wobbly when I walk. My balance is what is impacted the most by the stroke. My speech is affected somewhat. I also hear myself worse LIVE than I hear myself recorded. I hear everyone else normally.

Guess I will wrap this up. Thanks for reading. Thanks for tipping. Thanks for subbing to my YouTube channel. Have a good Tuesday.

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