Tuesday February 28, 2023

By SouthernStar71 | SouthernStar71 | 28 Feb 2023

Today is the last day of February. 

I got an email saying to expect the Reds cap to arrive tomorrow March 1st. The A's cap is due to arrive Friday the 3rd. I got the Reds cap for when I stream the Reds and I'm getting the A's cap for when I GM the A's on YT videos. Also, I could use new baseball caps to wear anyways. The Kentucky cap I do have is dirty from when I used to mow the grass. That is before last year as that is when people started mowing the lawn for us. So the Kentucky cap is at least over a year old. I truly think it is more than 3 years old. Therefore, I am in need of new caps to wear.


Currently watching/listening to a YT video. I've also ridden the exercise bike and taken my thyroid pill. Toast has been eaten and I'm drinking a Zero Sugar A&W Root Beer. Also boiled 4 eggs this morning. I'm going to make some Egg Salad for breakfast along with a bagel. The other 2 boiled eggs are for Wednesday or Thursday. I've peeled 2 of them already. 

Did get a key for a pixel art RPG called Sanctuary Saga. It releases March the 8th. Be sure to wishlist it on Steam. I will either stream is later or make a First 30 Minutes video for YT. If I do the YT video I will put it in one of these in the near future. 


One of these days I will put all my referral links in one of these and hopefully I will get some of you to join up if you aren't already doing them. 

Not much else for me to say today.


Thanks for reading. Hope you have a good Tuesday.


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I'm 57years old and live alone.


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