Friday February 17, 2023

By SouthernStar71 | SouthernStar71 | 17 Feb 2023

Today is Friday.

I plan to do another 2 hours of Marvel Snap to attempt to finish the sponsored stream. I need people to be a new user and scan the QR code to download the game. Then I need them to complete the Season Pass Levels 3 and 8. This can all be done completely free. Level 3 can be done in about 0 minutes. Level 8 is about 90 minutes of gameplay. The early games seem to be scripted to teach you how to play. 

After the stream, I will be watching the last day of the LCS Super Week. There were two surprises yesterday. You can see them here

On Saturday the LEC continues their BO3 Group play. Two teams will be eliminated and then on Sunday two more will be eliminated while two advance to the Playoffs in the losers bracket which are BO5. The playoffs decide the winner of the Winter Split. The winner will be guaranteed to be in the final playoffs at the end of the Summer Split which follows their Spring Split.


I have ridden my exercise bike already. I do 20 minutes on it four times a week. M/Tu/Th/Fri are the days I ride the bike. It is a recumbent bike meaning I get to sit down when I ride. To help pass the time I watch TV and have my phone with me. This makes riding the bike easier for me. I get in some movement without realizing I'm truly doing exercise.

Each morning when I get out of bed, I take my Thyroid pill. August of 2020 I had my thyroid removed. I've been taking this pill once a day on am empty stomach every day since the surgery. I then wait an hour before eating anything. Usually I have toast or a bagel with a soft drink. I do zero sugar drinks to help keep my A1C lower. I have been rotating between a Coke and a Mountain Dew. I also picked up A&W Root Beer Zero Sugar. This soft drink doesn't have caffeine in it. I guess in the long run it is better for me, but I'm not ready to give up caffeine. I do drink some zero calorie Green Tea. The Green Tea has caffeine. I do try to drink water too. 

Staying under 200 pounds is my easy long term goal. Ideally, I could get under 190 and stay there. Perhaps under 180 should be my target for 2024. Right now my biggest "struggle" is eating after 6pm. I do the early food an hour after getting up. Then around 10 I do breakfast. Around 2 I have lunch/supper. It is after 6pm that I tend to snack a bit. Ideally, I do my early stuff and then have meals at 10 and 2 or 3. If I could then limit or entirely cut out anything further, I should lose weight.


Thanks for reading. Thanks for tipping. Hope you have a good Friday.

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