Friday February 10, 2023

By SouthernStar71 | SouthernStar71 | 10 Feb 2023

I was going to go get groceries today so I could stay home over the weekend. I have come to the conclusion that I don't really need groceries and I can stay home today as well as over the weekend. Yes I do enjoy being at home even with my being alone here. It has been over 3 months now since Mom passed. I am finally getting used to being alone. I do have a daily routine and that does help me quite a bit. 

The Thyroid Pill has been taken. The exercise bike has been ridden. A bagel with butter has been consumed. I have a Mountain Dew Zero Sugar that is almost finished. 

Watching some YouTube videos. At 5pm today I will watch the LCS games today. Yesterday I was 5/5 on predicting winners. I posted this video

before the games were played. I do a recap each live day

Therefore, tonight after the games I will do another video and recap W3D2 of the LCS. That video will go live sometime tonight. I will do a Week 3 thoughts video that will go live sometime Saturday. I do plan to watch the LEC and do a recap each day they play Groups. Hopefully, you find the videos entertaining and subscribe to the channel. Likes(thumbs up) and comments are also appreciated.

Most likely will get in the shower by 9:30. Not sure if I'm going to stream today. I did 3 streams so far this week. Monday and Thursday were less than 2 hours each. Tuesday was over 3 hours. I find it difficult to stream while I am doing the LCS on Thursday and Friday with the LEC on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The LCS doesn't start until 5pm but runs until my bedtime. The LEC starts at 12 noon and is done around 5pm. The LEC fits my schedule better since I am in the Eastern US time zone. With the LEC ending around 5pm it allows me to get to the TV at what is the normal time for me to watch TV. The weekends I haven't streamed on so having the LEC to watch is kind of nice. It provides me with entertainment and also something to do. As I mentioned before I like having a routine. 

I think I'm done typing this up for today. Thanks for reading. Thanks for tipping. I hope you have a good Friday.



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