Disney Dreamlight Valley

By SouthernStar71 | SouthernStar71 | 9 Sep 2022

This game is very fun. It is a mix of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. The biggest difference is the ease of replenishing your energy. There also is no need to "sleep" every night as the game eventually runs on your clock. Therefore, you can do a full session without any time pressure. If you enjoy farming you are only limited to the seeds you can acquire. If you enjoy mining you are only limited by the finding of rocks to mine. There is also fishing and foraging which use a fishing rod and a shovel respectively.


I am playing on Game Pass for PC. The game is on many platforms including Steam for $29.99. Since I keep Game Pass all the time, I have the game for "free". Game Pass is such a good value. I plan to keep playing DDV as I find it very enjoyable. There is always something to do and with no time pressure it is very relaxing. If you have Game Pass and you enjoy this type of game, be sure to download it and give it a try.

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