Enter the Cryptoverse Ep. 03 - Top 5 Lessons I've learned as an Author that apply to investing

Enter the Cryptoverse Ep. 03 - Top 5 Lessons I've learned as an Author that apply to investing

By soulwhat | thecryptoverse | 29 Aug 2020

In 2012, I published my first book!  Though I have changed a great deal since that time, it was a trippy experience to go through, a work of which I still appreciate, and from time to time, I get emails from people in other parts of the world who have stumbled upon it.

In the time since, I have published 13 different manuscripts in total.  I have taken a bit of a creative breather from publishing books to focus on a more expansive work and soul what, the indie arts brand I founded in 2018.

That said, it's impossible for me to stop writing and here are the Top 5 Lessons I've learned as an Author that apply to investing:

1. Set Goals

Investing and publishing go hand-in-hand for me, albeit in a bit of a round and about way. 

I first picked up a copy of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich ten years ago and were it not for some of the lessons taught there, I probably would not have published anything, nor would I have evolved so much to create as a photographer, painter, and now here in the Crypto Art space on sites like Rarible.

One of the biggest lessons that book taught me was to set goals. 

The simple act of writing goals down gives them breath and it focuses the mind on a target.  Where this applies to investing is that until I gave myself financial goals, I was sort of just free flowing about.  As much as Life can be enjoyable that way, it became clear to me without a set goal, plans to achieve the goal, and an overall vision, I could end up anywhere, and that could even mean a place I do not like.  

2. Values

Whenever I create a manuscript, there is usually a theme I focus on, with underlying values folded in.  By having a greater understanding of my values, that has helped to realize what I'm seeking as I set goals.  As a result, the biggest value I appreciate that is applicable to investing is: freedom. 

No matter the reason we invest, there is an underlying value associated with that.  Whether you also seek freedom, longterm happiness, security, or all of the above, connecting with this is key to help and cultivate your overall investment gameplan.

3. Perseverance

It can be a challenge to bare your soul, in a book that can live forever.  It can also be discouraging when the project that you've poured your energy into for X amount of time isn't well-received, or even it is positively reviewed, isn't a commercial success.  On top of that, there's the internal critic you live with who can be a beast! 

And that's if you get that far and what I'm trying to say is sometimes writing can be the hardest part.  But you have to do it anyway.

In my journey from Poet and Writer to Author and back, I have worked with a publisher, independently, published, collaborated with editors, freelanced, as well as created simple ole blogs and I will continue to do it because there's something to be said about pushing through. 

And just as writing can be the hardest part at times, taking the risk by committing to invest, is arguably one of the toughest challenges I have faced in investing.  

If anything, overcoming the BS that runs through my mind, has helped me to rise above the challenges of the day. 

And with investing, you need resolve. 

It can suck to scroll through your apps to see all your earnings in red, with minus signs, or looking like a sharp nose dive.  But without pushing through those valleys, you can't enjoy the views from the peaks where the rewards are green, all a plus, and going parabolic!  

4.  Know your audience

When I sit down to work on a project that I plan to publish, I have to consider who I'm speaking to.  Understand my voice as a writer than do the research to see where and how that might fit the audience.  If I don't, I run the risk of the project falling flat.

How does that translate to investing? Think about where you want the money to go and how might that 'audience' react. 

Whether it's a company retirement plan, individual stock purchases, or cryptocurrency, there are various elements to consider when investing.  We've all taken our chances swinging for the fences but without the proper research, the likelihood of striking out is much higher. 

5. Have fun

While I did say sometimes putting pen to paper can be the hardest part of the process, once the pen starts dancing, that's when the magic happens!

I enjoy writing because I am a very creative person.  I like the challenge of bringing ideas to life.  I'm lucky in that regards because I strive to experience the adventure in it all and the Cryptoverse has been a rewarding world to wander through because it's still truly an adventure.  

With investing, I think it is even more crucial to find a way to make the process fun, Here & Now, not just 10, 20, 30, or however many years from now when you plan to cash out.  

So how do you that? That's easy or hard depending on your nature or where you're head is at.

You have to use your imagination and learn!

It might sound cliche, but I like to imagine that the $25 I put in today will be $50, $100, or $1000 later.  I look at what I'm doing, learn more (which is also fun for me) about how it all works, and make adjustments to my game along the way. 

Like a chef perfecting a recipe, we have to be present throughout the process, taste and experience all of it, to have a meal worth cherishing in the end.  

Bonus - Do You!

Something I've heard said a few times when it comes to stocks along with crypto, is to choose investments that make sense to you and that you believe in. 

I've written and created in the arts what I have because I believe in what I'm trying to say and I appreciate where it takes me.  

Whether Investing, Writing, or TBD, these micro-experiences of the macro-experience that is Life will always have their ups and downs. Just keep on with it, make the adjustments you need, because you'll get there, wherever there is. 

And chances are, through persistence, you'll achieve exactly the goals you set out to achieve.

Soul enjoy the view!


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