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Reflections of a Wannabe: What values should I render?

By Sorenized | Wander thru Wonders | 21 Mar 2021

These days, I write for the most part of the night. I sleep at around 2 am regularly then wake up at normal waking hours around 5 am. I take a nap during the day to compensate for the sleep I lost the previous night. I try not to sleep that late but maybe this a stage that someone, who is taking whatever path this is, will go through.  It's been a part of my soul that letting it pass for a day is like not eating a meal for the day.

My essays have been more like natural pouring of random thoughts that come out of my mind. As I go on with this talking over and over about my writing journey, it's easier than ever--to write. Especially when you come across a platform that pays you at least for all your efforts.

I've been thinking, what value I would render to readers and this will be my working topics for the coming days:

- Learnings about glory

- Experiences with money

- My writing journey and lots of reflections with concrete explanations

Keep posted!

BTW, I give all glory to Him. He who provides, He who lends words to say, He who gives knowledge and everything.

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