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Songs I Love: Too High - Joy Oladokun

By The Sad King Billy | Songs I Love | 21 Apr 2021

It's a magical moment when an artist catches you off-guard. When you hear their work for the first time and something in you activates. Maybe it's a chill, maybe it's inspiration, or maybe it's just a reminder that you're a human surrounded by other humans.

There's an honesty to Joy Oladokun, a wisdom beyond her years, a lyrical aptitude, and a voice both sweet and powerful. The style is contemporary, singer/songwriter, acoustic. It's a genre I don't tend to gravitate towards as many artists in the genre, when trying to convey a message or emotion, have a tendency to come across as preachy. Joy Oladokun doesn't preach at you, she asks you to pray with her.

With the song "Too High" we see all of this on display. A soft guitar intro very reminiscent of "Blackbird" by The Beatles starts us off. Soon the soft vocals come in with a plea, a conversation with the listener about learning one's validity in this world that we're all doing our best to navigate. Vocal harmonies towards the second half of the song swell like a soulful choir, one that I can't help but feel enveloped by.

If you're already a fan of Joy Oladokun, sound off in the comments and let me know some of your favorite tunes. If there's any other music you'd like me to check out to potentially get it's own "Songs I Love" submission feel free to share. I'm always looking for new music.


Stay cool.

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