Songs I Love: S.O.S (Sawed Off Shotgun) - The Glorious Sons
The Glorious Sons

Songs I Love: S.O.S (Sawed Off Shotgun) - The Glorious Sons

By The Sad King Billy | Songs I Love | 13 Apr 2021

One of my favorite things about The Glorious Sons is how they manage to both sound modern, and still somehow like a throwback to good old fashioned Rock n Roll. Hailing from the mystical land of Ontario Canada, the band has had a notable career since their 2011 beginning, with several singles hitting top 10 rock lists and even a #1 hit in Canada with "Everything is Alright"

My favorite track, and the one I'm presenting to you, is S.O.S (sawed off shotgun) off their 2017 album "Young Beauties and Fools". 

A dry and smacking drum starts the track off,  almost like a war drum signaling to prepare for battle. In come the gruff vocals, groaning lyrics about mental stability, failed expectations, and the woefully relatable feeling of being the only who's falling apart while the rest of the world fakes it to make it. Yet somehow the song feels more like a party. A celebration of personal dissociation in a "it is what it is" sort of way.

The chorus booms in like a thunder clap or a drunken cheer and by the end of the song you will undoubtedly be singing along. The dour and defeatist lyrics contrasted by the upbeat and triumphant tone of the song make it feel something like "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" by The Beatles, if it were written for millennials. As a millennial myself, that's food for the soul.

If you're already a fan of The Glorious Sons sound off in the comments and let me know some of your favorite tunes. If there's any other music you'd like me to check out to potentially get it's own "Songs I love" submission feel free to share. I'm always looking for new music.


Stay cool.


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