Some ideas for Publish0x (at least 2 are alright)

Well, I thought this would be short and simple. Never is that the case when I put the digital pen to the digital paper. I sincerely hope that I am not out of line here by posting this. If I am, please do not hit me with the ban hammer and just know that I would not intentionally break the rules. I just really felt like these were some ideas that were worth sharing. I could not rest until I knew they were in the hands of the “creator”. Here is the reasoning behind this post. I have stood outside the window of Publish0x with my boom box and professed my love far and wide. Seriously it is awesome! Because of that I truly care about it and wish it limitless success. I cannot even begin to count how many times I have thought the following things. I had just read an article and that somehow got my mind on the subject. I explain why on the last suggestion. I double checked to make sure some of these didn't exist. If I missed something I apologize. I figured it was time to finally post it and hope I do not get murdered.

  1. I felt like you all should add a suggestions box or some way for people to submit ideas. You could even call it the PO Box. It does not have to be in a public manner like this, but that would certainly help. I can tell from reading posts on here that you have some amazingly smart users. I bet they could bring some genius ideas to the table. Doing it publicly would actually kind of benefit you as well. In the sense that you could see which ideas were generating a lot of support. 


  1. Every single time I have posted on here I have thought to myself how badly you all need an app. You could do some really great stuff with one. Plus, it would increase the number of users here without a doubt. I use your website every day, but I do not post as much as I would like because I am primarily on my phone. Your website works fine. It is just hard to explain. It is not nearly as “smooth” as it could be. I do not mean that in a disrespectful way at all. My thoughts are that the app would further legitimize you as well as make these next couple ideas better.


  1. These ones are more partnership ideas. I tried to model them so that does not delude what you have here. The focus would still be what it is now. Aside from the chat, the others are pretty much the equivalent of “product placement”. If anything, I just feel like it gives you a more “iconic” appearance within the community that is not familiar with you. However, I still imagine that it all hinges on having your own app. Here is what I mean. Up front I do not mean to “plug” other products/services. I am just slapping them here, so you know what I am talking about. So as much as I hate posting them and looking like a dirty bum. I am going to. Also, even though I mention these places. No worries Publish0x. I’ve use/love some of these places, but you will always have my heart ♥️  


You could incorporate Sense Chat into the app/website and yourself into their app. Not to the extent that it would overshadow you, but just as a way to enhance communication. For example, on the website it would just be a chat off to the side. It could be toggled to be entirely hidden. That kind of thing. Within their app, I would just consider it more of a digital billboard for you. You could maybe configure it to where whenever any new post goes live, it hits the feed within the Sense Chat app. Here is the link for the app by the way. 

Sense Chat 

I only got it yesterday (from a post here actually) but I already love what I see. It has the feel of a Discord but is far easier to navigate, better laid out, and has the Sense miner/coin built in. My thought is to use it as a chat room or something down those lines. Just as a way to connect people VIA Publish0x. It would expose their users to you, and just help strengthen the community atmosphere here. 

The next two are very similar to this. So, I am just combining them. I made a pitch to this awesome game I found here called Coinhunt World. It is only in early access right now, but they have a feature to where it allows you to make an HQ. It is just your house basically. As I explained to them, they have an amazing concept. It is like PokémonGo! meets Cryptocurrency. The problem is that people like me have nothing to do on it when we are not roaming the streets. So, I laid out a complete method of how to entertain people in between. I will skip those details, but one part involved just making Publish0x something they could do within their “base”. It would probably be easier to launch through an app. Same with the chat idea as well. Here is that link:

Coinhunt World Game

You can basically do the same thing with another game (again that I found on a post here) called Rollercoin. I honestly do not enjoy it nearly as much as the other places I have mentioned, but still yet I am on there every day just to keep the wheels turning. The system they have could be combined with Publish0x and make it so that the users can just read news from the users here. Either you could allow them to earn like we do, VIA tipping, or you could just give them “power” the same as the games do. Here is the game just so it makes more sense:

Rollercoin Game


  1. You could also maybe create some kind of cryptocurrency for Publish0x itself. I know there could be a use for it. I just cannot think of one on the fly. God… I really do not want to “plug” more places. I swear – I did not intend for this to have so many links. The best ideas that I have had for a use were that maybe you could let people advertise stuff on your website and maybe through Presearch’s advertising program. You could also maybe even partner it with Pipeflare or some of the places like that. I know that not everyone has a need for advertising though. Maybe some kind of give-a-ways? It seems like you get a good response out of some of these. Also, from what I have read on the subject it feels like it is pretty hard to get a coin made if you have no developing skills. It seems like I read an article that had a hefty price tag on the cost. I only mention this because Student Coin states it will have a way for users to make their own coin. It is even visible within the launchpad if you actually log into their website. I only mention this because if it does end up being easy, it might make it more likely to happen. I think I just like the idea of a Publish0x wallet that could hold the coins on here. I know you have KuCoin now. I will definitely be trying them thanks to you. I just #FearTheFees

I am sure the community could give you better ideas than me on this one. Anyway, last of the links here hopefully. I did not put Presearch because I know you know who they are.



  1. Save the best for last right? No more links. I promise. Funny thing… This is what sparked all of the stuff above. They were all things that had came up in my thoughts, but this was one that I have constantly thought about. A Q&A section… There are SO MANY things that I have wished to ask on here. The problem is that I did not want to make posts about them. That is what sparked the idea of the chat. I was trying to think of a way to make it “do-able”. I think I have figured it out… Just now… This late in the game… My new fresh epiphany was that you could just make it so that these posts do not get any free tips. In fact, here is a good use for the Publish0x coin. Make it so that the person asking the question can tip the people who answer it. Boom! I really hope that something like this comes to play. There is so much valuable information on this website. It would only further help extend that.

Anyway, ramble is over. I once again want to thank you for your amazing platform. I apologize again if I am out of line by posting this here. I figured I might as well close this with some more links. The two images below have the "Directory" pages I have built. They basically test anything online that states it will pay you and the website is nothing but a big list. No ads or anything like that. Just scroll past my big "Mission Statement" and there they are. The one in my logo is just anything and everything I've found. The second one (The QR code goes to my YouTube, it sucks but will get better) goes to a similar directory, but I am making it exclusive to cryptocurrency. It doesn't just contain referral programs but basically anything decent that is related to crypto (Wallets, exchanges, faucets, airdrops, etc.) 

Have a great weekend everyone!



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