Profit Prophecy: Week 2/22/21 - 2/26/21

Profit Prophecy:

Below are the places I am looking to get since things have dropped  

  1. FUSE
  2. UPWK
  3. SI
  4. GSAH
  5. Disney
  6. SNAP
  7. UPST
  8. CGNT
  9. AI
  10. SRAX
  11. OPEN
  12. FTFT
  13. SOS
  14. CETX
  15. DPW
  16. IDEX
  17. GSAT
  18. EQOS
  19. WISH
  20. VIH

As for crypto. I’m still holding ALGO for the daily rewards. I also have been trading UNI for months now. Aside from that I basically just bought $10-$20 of anything under or around $1. I just tried to diversify it & put it on whichever app pays interest on it. I don’t know what I did. Somehow I jacked this post all up. 

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