Tron Gaming Center: a gaming dapp that let's you start with nothing

Passive income is as hot button of an issue as it gets, and entry level crypto users are ever in search of the free token; the holy grail is free money made without risk.

But the crusade is not an easy one, the path is paved with scams and bait, and when you do encounter a chance to truly pull a token out of thin air? Better hope you're ground level because every user that comes before and after you almost ensures that the rewardsXwork ratio is far from worthwhile. Are there popular apps and dapps the begginer can easily access and score a few tokens? Sure. Most require a few months worth of sign ins and faucet checks to ensure even a few cents though, and at that rate a few years later you might meet the minimum withdrawal. Airdrops are almost a scam garunteed or they require enough of your personal information and free advertising that you are paying far above worth in labor and data. Most games are designed for the presale to suck in a majority of rewards while a free user may never see a true reward, even after weeks or even months of constant attention. So where's a break?

Tron Game Center is a godsend. Easily accessible on google play, TGC only asks for two peices of information: a tronlink address and your email--within seconds you are playing from a selection of old school games with atari era charm and stacking rewards. No scams, no demanding e-labor advertising for free or feeding them your personal information they can later profit from. Seem too easy and wholesome for ya? Here's how it works. 

TGC plays ads between almost every round, and the advertising pays for token reward pools, you watch, you play, and once a week (Thursda)  you get paid out a collection of different tron based tokens based on your scores. Among these tokens is the TGCT, the native token to TGC, and you can send TCGT back to your in game wallet to either use as the entry fee to different TGC competitions or freeze it as a dividend token so you can recieve a daily slice of the profits from the developers. One week of casual play can get you enough TGCT to freeze and pull in a few TRX a week--and after a few weeks of building up rewards and honing skills you can use that same TGCT to pay entry to higher levels of competition with much higher rewards.

One week I was making a few trx a week, the next I was receiving a good 30-40 worth. Next Thursday I expect to pull in twice as much. 

It didn't require endless gameplay or promotion, I just play a half hour every day. 

Of course you can also make a little extra referring new players to recieve %1 from their future dividends, or by buying TGCT from several trx exchanges including Polindex and the trx gaming giant Play Royal. But it's not required unless you want pro rewards overnight - 

The truth is, you don't need to rush. The rewards are more than fair and easily within your grasp. Just download, sign in with your tronlink account and play away. Need more incentive? Within the year TGC will also be hosting a modern multi-player first person shooter - and you can be sure that the value of TCGT will skyrocket as it becomes the currency for the only blockchain fps on mobile. The tokens you collect now with minimal effort may be good as gold when thousands of competitive first person buffs rush in to show off their Halo skills. Not only will more players raise the value of dividends, but TGCT is made from a finite supply and will be needed for everything from entry fees to buying upgrades- and here you collected them at ground level playing old school. 

Whether you are a noob looking to get aquinted to the world of dapp gaming, or maybe just broke and wanting to start a crypto portfolio with attention instead of spending your sparse cash, Tron Gaming Center is the best place to start as any! 

Just remember


Sign in with with

And don't forget to add your referrers TRX address (hey that's me! TYSi1f1wfjgKTBYA27PaF9gDVe42XitgMt) and watch your rewards pool build into something out of nothin ! 




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something out of nothing
something out of nothing

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