By Code+psypher | Some random dude | 19 Oct 2021

every idea screams at you from a place you probably cant see. 

it echoes in your head until it reaches a language you can understand. at times it is very vocal and others its painted visually. the challenge is to see it sooner for it always speaks of a reality you are ignoring or even omitting.

A sadness when leaving family might be pointing to a feeling of unease regarding the safety you have once had and potentially haven't had for a while. whilst an anxiety towards hanging out with friends might point that they really aren't real. what would be the difference between good people and genuine people? and why would my friends who have been there for me not really be friends that i would consider real.

for years thoughts would fight over space and time within my mind. all scream about love , life, understanding...... an attempt or multiple attempts to find meaning that our day to day refuses to give. the serenity of repetition blows people away as long as they repeat on their own terms. the movement so long as it is ours could be mundane and trivial, yet it gives the control one needs to feel alive. or it gives the  boost needed to jump through time one day at a time. we could always die tomorrow or even today. how else would we know how we are leaving if not for what we are experiencing?

with limited understanding and a wave that puts us on a certain side of life. obscure to what the world really is and finding a path we call our own or even sharing it with others to clam a position in this life. how do we hear, listen, see, visualize.. the things that come to us and call for our attention, knowing full well we are not understanding of it and having to give it more merit than our ego would want to agree with.

where do we stand to realize that our position has been a trigger of ourselves while our reality struggles to reach us from beyond that.

how far do we have to go before we realize we never were comfortable. that we were never safe! 

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