A wonderful child of the financial world

A wonderful child of the financial world

By Dawid Wiktor | Some Notes | 7 Jan 2020

The financial technologies industry is one of the fastest growing sectors, which is significantly influenced by blockchain technology, which changes the rules of the game. One company from the fintech industry in particular noticed the potential hidden in blockchain. I am talking about the NAGA Group, which wants to provide a wide range of benefits from the fintech industry.

The NAGA Group has created the world's first ecosystem based on block chain technology for the needs of fully decentralized investing in financial, education and trade markets, and has also hit the cryptocurrency and digital goods market.

What is NAGA?

NAGA, actually NAGA Group AG, is a German technology company. The company relies on the mission of building groundbreaking business models. The company itself is unusual. Behind the company is extremely effective and one of the fastest cryptocurrency public company (ICO) in Germany's history. The effects of this were, among others listing NAGA on the index of companies listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in July. Here an unusual event occurred - after the company began to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the company recorded a gigantic increase in the price of shares by 400% in less than 3 months. Undoubtedly, NAGA shares were one of the best-selling retail shares in Germany. Currently, the market value of NAGA exceeds EUR 300 million (approx. USD 348 million).

NAGA is the first listed company in the world to carry out a successful public offering using tokens. What's more, unlike most other token companies, NAGA Group already has a finished product that generates millions of dollars in revenue annually.

Creating an ecosystem combining the basic NAGA offers, i.e. Switex, NAGA wallet or SwipeStox, to be able to create a unified platform, thanks to which buying and selling shares, virtual goods, cryptocurrencies will become safer, more accessible and transparent, it certainly is the most ambitious and meaningful.

What is SwipeStox?

Simply put, SwipeStox is nothing more than social trading in a better, more efficient way. It combines the functions of social networks (e.g. Facebook and Twitter with their functionality) with a solid, secure platform enabling financial transactions. By using a mechanism to remove transaction confusion, SwiteStox provides users with the ability to copy and share exchange transactions with a single click.

What's more, users who decide to share their transactions with a larger community will receive a generous bonus that will be paid directly to their account whenever another user one of their transactions. There are people on the platform who earn $ 10-15.000 per month just because their transactions are copied by other platform users.


Switex's goal is to provide an independent, secure and fully legal platform for exchanging goods. Platform users will be able to buy virtual items from other users as well as directly from suppliers and manufacturers.
Each item in the system will be properly protected against fraud, because the legality of the items sold, their origin and the seller's right to sell them will be verified. It is worth noting that the developers also took into account the automatic transfer of goods to the buyer shortly after purchase, thus ensuring trouble-free and secure transactions for both parties as part of the integrated Switex billing system.


The NAGA wallet is of key importance in the entire NAGA ecosystem. It is a secure, multi-currency wallet that allows NAGA users to deposit and exchange cryptocurrencies as well as cash currencies. It combines SwipeStox, Switex and many other projects, including future projects, into one easily accessible interface. Thanks to the wallet, users can invest in shares, manage their cryptocurrency wallets, trade virtual goods, and also have access to a facilitated transaction system.
The NAGA wallet includes among its "features" among others lower transaction fees, access to significant cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and also provides a decentralized and risk-free system of funds storage

Behind the project is a man who was the youngest person in Europe at the time of receiving the banker's license

Yasin Sebastian Qureshi, general director of NAGA Group AG, is a person who has obtained a license to conduct banking activities. There would be nothing unusual about this if not for a certain fact. Well, the CEO of NASA Group AG was the youngest person in Europe on the day of receiving the banking license. He was 29 years old. Now he is a man who wants to make a breakthrough in the financial markets with the help of his company NAGA Group AG.

Dawid Wiktor
Dawid Wiktor

I am an entrepreneur, problem solver, journalist and philantropist.

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