CoinMarketCap is handing out free money again

CoinMarketCap is handing out free money again

By Sugarfix | Some Crypto Things | 1 Oct 2020

Coinmarketcap is handing out free money again in an attempt to get more people to sign up to Binance (the cynic is strong in you padowan). Hot on the heals of Coinbase Earn and their free Maker thang Binance Earn ....I mean CoinMarketCap Earn (same thing really) is doing one of those "watch a few videos, do a quiz, get free money" things. This time for a token named Terra (LUNA) which until this quiz I had not noticed before. Apparently it is huge in Korea being 3rd behind BTC and ETH in the number of daily transactions. Who would have guessed eh? (you'll need to remember this as it is the answer to one of the questions). It's big in Mongolia too it seems - however while Mongolia is A HUGE country not many people live there so it is not saying much really. It is the home of The Hu though so that makes it pretty scary.

I think this was done in response to Korea's K-pop showing that not everything in the Far East is "smilley two handed peace salute KAWAII !!"

Anyway, the free money. - Go to this page, watch all three vids and then go onto do the quiz.  I'd give you the answers but I have almost certainly got one wrong :) Nah, it's pretty simple really, even you can do it.

So what is this Terra project - meh who particularly cares, you are going to flog the coin and buy something you actually DO want ...fnuf. Sigh, ok - it's yet another stablecoin but sort of more similar to Synthetix (SNX). You can mint stable Dollars, Euros, Won, Silver Shekels of Tyre, etc with which they are one for one tradable.

There is a caveat to all this - Even if you get all the questions right you might not get a bean. I have done two of these quizzes before and got sweet f&%K all. That is because you have to get the questions right AND EVEN THEN you get shoved into a lottery.

The good thing is that there is NO KYC. I wouldn't be doing this if there were. To get the coins you need a LUNA address (obviously). If you haven't got one you just need to sign up to Binance (which doesn't cost anything and has no KYC) and navigate to your wallet - deposit section.

Click on "wallet/spot"


Then click on the search box and type in LUNA


Click on depost


You need the address AND memo which you can copy and paste


Good Luck!!

Here is another Mongolian Band worth listening too - Berd. Far better than The Hu imho. The drummer is something special - anyone who can knock out those beats on such a small kit has to be good.



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