Social Experiment (1 Question Survey) - How much do you tip the authors on Publish0x? Results will be published

By wonderman | Social Experiments | 24 Sep 2019


Are you also curious about how much people are tipping to other authors on Publish0x? Then please read on....


So I am new to Publish0x and think it is a great platform with huge potential. I find the concept of tipping anything between 20-100% to the author (where the reader can choose to keep the rest) very interesting. This got me thinking about how people split the tips and thought perhaps I can try a social experiment (hopefully if the community responds). I am sure I am not the only one curious about this. The great thing is that it is completely autonomous so  you can be honest about your behaviour :) Please respond by midnight 30th September 2019 (GMT -4).


I can not seem to be able to place a survey in here unfortunaly so had to host it on surveyhero. It will take you 10 seconds, please don't be lazy :)

Here is the link to the survey:


Obviously, we will need a good response rate to get a sensible feel of this. I am not sure what exactly makes posts popular on publish0x but consider supporting me on pushing this to a wide audience here by sharing with your contacts/connections, commenting (but please enter your actual response on the survey) and following me. (Obviously goes without saying but you can choose to tip as well. I just don't want to highlight that as I don't want anyone to think this is a deceptive plan for me to collect tips. I am genuinely curious and would love to find out and share the results)


Come back to my page at the beginning of October to check out the result:


Thanks for taking time to contribute, if you choose to do so :)

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Social Experiments

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