The United Nations: United Against the People of The World and a THREAT TO HUMANITY

By X15 | Social Deception | 7 Feb 2024

All things UN are against the people. All the members of the UN Should be ARRESTED right this moment. The United Nations building should be torn down and destroyed. The members of the United Nazi's should be held accountable for every action by the PEOPLE of the NATIONS they are destroying. 

No food in Europe, Invasion of America by illegals. Criminal bankers backing wars of both sides working with the UN to destroy food production.

The UN. forcing everyone to obey their medical mandates of the WHO. The UN a THREAT TO EVERY HUMAN BEING ON THIS PLANET.

De-fund, Destroy, Arrest and Sentence to prison all the NEW AGE pagan worshipers of the UN. WHY ARE We paying to have ourselves destroyed by the PSYCHOPATHS of the UN, WHO, WEF, NATO, BIS, IMF, and all the corrupt leaders of all  the nations who would bow to these hive mind psychopaths of hate.

The UNITED NATIONS and all its members should be kicked out of the USA. We should demand the USA de-fund the UN, the WHO, WEF, NATO. DE-FUND, get rid of these corrupt power mad "I AM" hating fools who think the whole world must bow to their god. LUCIFER.

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I'm just curious about a lot of things.

Social Deception
Social Deception

Observing and pointing out what I see as deception being played out upon the people.

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