Thank you Publish0x
Thank you Publish0x

By Snow Under Sun | SnowUnderSun | 10 Dec 2019

This article is only about appreciate to Publish0x team and its users.

previously I posted my goal about why I creating articles and where i will use. 

Now we reached December and all tips to my articles in Publish0x used for buying some stuff to orphan kids who lives mountain side of Pailin, Cambodia.


It is mountain area which is too different from plains of Cambodia. 

Population has significant Sham ( Myanmar people ) and Vietnamese people, who immigrated century ago to this border part of Cambodia. 

Myanmar and Vietnamese originated people also live in other side of border, the city where I live is Chanthaburi, Thailand with better conditions.


Frankly. I am not a native English speaker and I am not a perfect content creator. 

I just want to say big thank you to Publish0x and its community for allowing me to buy some essentials for them with your tips to my post.

In here and some other crypto awarded blogging sites, I accumulated all income from tips and use for this.

My achieve is very small amount for many people, less than 4-people family lunch at McDonalds but making smile on orphan kids is absolutely priceless.

I really really appreciate to community for your previous tips to my articles.

Snow Under Sun
Snow Under Sun

A westerner in Thailand. Previously,13 years Sales Executive in a Forbes 500 company and 6 years HR executive in a multinational company. Crypto trader since 2015.


A westerner in Thailand. Crypto trader since 2015. Previously Sales Executive in a forbes 500 company.

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