☃️SnowSwap Partners with ANKR☃️

☃️SnowSwap Partners with ANKR☃️

Snowswap allows aETH holders to benefit from high APY by becoming liquidity providers in the eth2SNOW pool which combines aETH by Ankr CRETH2 by CREAM and wETH.


Solving liquidity challenges with aETH

While the Ethereum 2.0 launch presents major opportunities to early adopters, the staked assets get locked in the network until at least phase 1.5 is released (which can take up to several years!), stripping investors from any rewards for that period of time.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait that long for your rewards with Ankr Staking newly introduced aETH bond-like token allows users to stake Eth2 and redeem rewards without having to wait until the end of the lockup period.

Our goal at SnowSwap is to incentivize Eth2 adoption via creating new markets and utility by the ability to swap between aETH by Ankr, CRETH2 by CREAM, and wETH with low slippage. eth2SNOW will create value for its holders in several ways:

❄️️ Alleviates minimum ETH entry required for aETH

❄️️️️ Allows low slippage swaps for the highest APY %

❄️️ Allows liquidity providers to earn SNOW

Stake eth2SNOW on SnowSwap

  1. Deposit & wrap your ETH via Ankr Staking at https://eth2.ankr.com/
  2. Deposit your aETH to Snowswap LINK
  3. Stake the resulting eth2SNOW on SnowSwap for high APY!


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SnowSwap is a protocol built for swapping between stablecoins. More to come soon

Snowswap Updates and information
Snowswap Updates and information

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