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By CryptoSnarf | Snarf's Shenanigans | 22 Mar 2021

Back & Better Than Ever

Okay so I never really WENT anywhere, I just haven't been posting much about Alien Worlds lately. But don't let that alarm you or making you think that I am no longer taking part in the crypto adventure. Oh no, quite the opposite is true actually! I've been hitting the mine button just a few times a day over the last could of weeks. Collecting NFT drops and staking them to rPlanet. All while gathering Aether and swapping it to WAX. And from this continued strategy over the last month, I have gained enough WAX to update my equipment on Alien Worlds.


All of my mining cards are now AT LEAST considered common. I remember when I first started Alien Worlds and I was using three shovels for mining. I felt GREAT when I pulled in a 1 TLM claim. With my new equipment, I am easily pulling 10-17 TLM with each attempt (of course, this all depends on miners at that given time, as well as the planet fill rate for TLM). TLM is the only crypto from this ecosystem that I have not converted to WAX. I have actually been quite diligent with collecting it and staking it to Neri for the CryptomonKeys. After not looking at my ranking within Neri, I was pleasantly surprised to find where I still stood on the leaderboard.


436th place isn't bad considering I've been mining with such low-level equipment up until now. I don't know how long I will continue to keep all this TLM staked to Neri. I know it is helping out the CryptomonKeys, and by extension the BANANO team, so I will continue to stake for now. Now that I have my upgraded mining equipment, I am not entirely sure what my influx of TLM will look like. So because of this, be on the lookout for changes in my strategy.

I'd say that my overhead cost on my new equipment would be ~$10 worth of WAX. But you need to keep in mind that I have not spent any money on WAX because it is too difficult for US citizens to get their hands on it. So this has all been earned from gaming, staking, and converting my way to WAX via the Alcor exchange. My main source is earning Aether from rPlanet by staking qualifying NFT drops. The staking rates were dramatically decreased not too long ago and this caused me to rethink my strategy a bit. For a few days, my Aether supply started to diminish, but then a great opportunity arrived.


In walks an NFT drop from my Fortune Cookie NFT. I got a special Kenn Bosak card. And best of all, it was getting 40 Aether an hour on rPlanet. I currently have no intent to sell that NFT drop so I decided to keep it staked. This increased my Aether income by over 50% with just a single card being staked. So now, even after they greatly reduced the staking rates, I was able to boost myself a bit back toward where I was. But the reduced rates on rPlanet aren't the only thing that I have been battling...


The Aether / WAX exchange rate hasn't been as favorable as I would normally like. But that has just given me all the more motivation to grow my NFT collection and stake even more cards to rPlanet. But beyond this, it was made me motivated to find new avenues to generate crypto and exchange it to WAX. I began with DUST but now I have found that I can even exchange my KBUCKS from Kolobok! So many ways to get into WAX and I don't even have to touch my TLM. 


I plan to be more active within the Telegram communities related to all these crypto projects that I am taking part in. I was active back in January or so, but I fell off for a bit because of work and health-related situations. But now that I am back and doing better I plan to be more active again. These groups are usually where I get most of my engagement for my content. Plus, it's a great way to get information and tricks about these crypto collecting methods. On top of all that, a lot of the members are just good and fun people to talk to, so who wouldn't want to take part in that more often? Some of you guys reading this have maybe seen me buzzing around some of the hot and popular Telegram groups!

It wouldn't be fair to NOT include anything new that has popped into my WAX wallet since I've last updated you guys. I know it's as much as a surprise for myself that it probably is for you guys when some cool NFTs make their way into my wallet. Especially when it's a fun CryptomonKey or a rare Gary V card!




That's all you get to see for now. I'll use that as a tease to keep you coming to my next Fortune Cookie NFT drop post. Let me tell you, there are a lot more cookies in my wallet than the last time I shared some drops with you all. So for now I will leave you all with that. I am back in the AW ecosystem as well as the Telegram ecosystem. Hopefully, I can stay as focused as I was a few months ago now that I am figuring things out with my health and career. 

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Snarf's Shenanigans
Snarf's Shenanigans

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