A New Token: Taking On $VGX

A New Token: Taking On $VGX

By CryptoSnarf | Snarf's Shenanigans | 7 Mar 2021


Voyager has been one of my go-to platforms for buying crypto. They have a simple on boarding process and had a generous referral program at my time of sign up. On top of that, they have no trading fees and even allow you ways to earn interest on assets that you hold on their platform.  

These characteristics are not unique to the Voyager platform though. There are plenty of platforms and services that are offering cheap trading and fun bonuses. However, a lot of these services will not allow US citizens to take full advantage of everything that can be offered.

A lot of services will give you a boost in your earnings if you buy into their dedicated tokens. Some examples would be NEXO, CEL, and CRO from the NEXO, Celsius and Crypto.com platforms respectively. Essentially if you hold these tokens, you will get an increased interest rate (or other related bonuses) on your assets. But since I am from the US, I cannot take advantage of those platforms. 

Voyager is a bit different in the sense that I am actually able to own their token, $VGX. It is their own Voyager token and is floating around $6 at the time of writing this. Since I have always wanted to try these specific tokens I figured it was time for me to buying into $VGX.


But if I just left this post saying I bought into a new token and didn't give any back story or lore, you'd be kinda bored and just back out from this page. So let me break down the process that got me into wanting to make a purchase of $VGX.

I've been getting into NFTs and WAX lately. It's been a fun and profitable experience. But I know I needed to get EOS and then convert that to WAX if I wanted to buy some rare NFTs. And what better place to start buying and sending EOS thatn Voyager?

I had $25 in USD sent to Voyager right away to get it turned to EOS. From there I began figuring out how to convert that to WAX, but I got a little lost a long the way and by the end of the night I was doing something else like watching anime. So whoops, I forgot about having $25 in EOS.

When I finally did remember my EOS, it was worth $37 so I decided to take my profit and try another token. I swapped it for VeChain but then the same thing happened. I forgot a out the time and when I came back to it I had made even more profit. 

At this point, I had turned $25 in about $55. This was a good return seeing as I did no research or active trading to make this profit. I figured at this point I needed a new long term hold. So I finally bought into the $VGX token on their platform. I have 9 $VGX now, and I will consider my cost basis at the $25.40. Even if it is by a technicality. 


I really have yet to look into what rewards I can earn and how long it will take me to accumulate that much VGX, but I don't see myself selling out anytime soon, even if I do drop below $25. I have quite a few friends that hype of VGX so I want to be on the journey with them. 

Do you have any new tokens you have added to your portfolio? Are you looking to add anything new? Let me know in the comments below!






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Snarf's Shenanigans
Snarf's Shenanigans

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