14 Day Self Quarantine! - 3.20.2020

By CryptoSnarf | Snarf's Shenanigans | 20 Mar 2020

So this virus stuff is getting pretty crazy, isn't it? Unfortunately, it has finally made it's way to our little family and we are now being forced to take precautions ourselves. Social distancing and washing our hands can only do so much so we have no been advised to self quarantine.

My wife works as a medical receptionist at a local Urgent Care and she actually came into contact with AT LEAST two people who have tested positive for the virus. Because of this, there is basically a 99% chance that she is now positive for the virus as well. And since she is likely positive for it, that means that I am as well.

We went and got my wife tested yesterday and have informed our employers about our situation. We've been taken off work for the time being and have been told to stay home for 14 days OR until the test results come back as negative (I'm not too sure that will happen though...).

For me, it's rough since I work 3 days a week, Friday through Sunday. I don't know what I will do with my time off and I am starting to get stir crazy at the thought of being cooped up for two weeks! My wife, on the other hand, is handling it much better than me and is relaxing and enjoying herself right now. Just shows that two different people can have two different perspectives on the same situation.

To keep myself somewhat occupied I have been trying to grow myself on social media as well as hone some new skills. My first skill of choice involves learning to do some actually coding! Yes, I missed out on the early years of MySpace and learning how to use HTML code. I also never got the chance to take these types of classes in High School or College. So now I have been forced to rely on the wonder resources that the Google Play store has to offer. There are quite a few choices of app that help learn basic coding, usually starting off with HTML.

If anyone finds themselves in a similar situation I highly encourage you, if you're able to, to pick up and learn a new skill or develop a skill that you already have. With so much uncertainty lately you never know when you may need to rely on it to make an ends!


If anyone out there has tested positive or is in the same situation right now, we are sending a lot of good vibes and hope for a speedy recovery! If you are feeling healthy and are just avoiding contact with others, I want to thank you for not helping spread the virus faster than it it already is!


I will continue to keep the content coming on here as reasonably possible since I don't think my schedule will be filling up anytime soon!

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Snarf's Shenanigans
Snarf's Shenanigans

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